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Street Talk

We Have Much To Be Thankful Of As Citizens

By Jessie Gurner

The Farmers Market this past Saturday was a lot of fun.  It’s still too early for most vegetables, but we did have some terrific vendors. Several people asked how they could contact the different vendors during the week so here is the information:

Delta Grind offers stone-ground grits, cornmeal, masa, and polenta. Contact Becky Tatum at 473-0500 and 662-202-6822.

Harris Farm has chemical/pesticide free produce, plants, herbs and fresh flowers. Contact Gladne Harris at 473-9225, 662-832-0888 and

Jones Nursery has all varieties of plants and shrubs. Call Roger Jones at 662-413-4360.

Leanna Tholl has Leanna’s Lovin’ Oven which offers “cakes and treats from my heart to yours!” Last week it was cinnamon rolls and strawberry and cream mini cakes. There are words to describe how delicious these are!  You can reach Leanna at 601-594-6701 and

Rhonda Webb, Leanna’s mom, was on hand representing Fiddin’ Rooster Farm and the Fiddin’ Rooster Band. In addition to being a fantastic cook, Rhonda and Doug are wonderful performers. They can be reached at 662-801-6246.

Monday was Memorial Day. On April 25, 1866, in Columbus, Mississippi, a group of ladies decided to decorate the graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers with flowers. They called it Decoration Day; a day of remembrance for those who fell while in the service of our country.

That spring, 142 years ago, saw a nation trying to find its way after a war that split the country, states, communities and even families. This gesture was welcomed as a way to lay the past to rest while honoring those who had fought on either side.

Memorial Day may have originated with those women decorating the graves of those killed during that long ago war, but today it is still a very special day.

It is a special day that should be observed in special ways. Sure, it’s great to have a three-day weekend to vacation, camp, or just rest at home.  Just remember, though, if it wasn’t for those brave men and women who fell in the service of this country — we might not have those choices.

This past Monday, at the Memorial Day service on Main Street, I was reminded how much we have to be thankful for as citizens of this country.

During the ceremony, Rep. Tommy Reynolds spoke about valor. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines valor as the strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness.

The names inscribed on the monuments in Railroad Park represent men who served with valor. But they are also a remembrance of what was lost.  Each name reminds us of what might have been for these young men.

Memorial Day services were held all across our nation. I cannot fathom the losses suffered by so many families. I know placing flowers and saying thank you can never be enough. But thank you for my family and my freedom. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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