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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

Recently Jimmie and I ran into Joy Tippit in a Batesville store. Joy says, “I’m glad I caught the two of you together, because I have a question.” Her question was, “Betty, do you make up all the stuff you write about your family in your column or is it fact?” Answer was, “Joy do you really think  I’m that creative, if I was I’d already have written a best seller!” I did admit to embellishing my tales a little, but they’re all based on actual events. Jimmie says, “Yes, it’s all basically true, but she rarely tells her bad stuff—and her housekeeping is just as terrible as mine!”

  It was good to visit with Joy and thanks for reading the column.


  Had let my housecleaning just slide for the past couple of months (it had gotten really  bad). Decided the time had come to do a little laundry, dishes and cleaning, so Saturday morning I got up early, planning to cheat Mom out of a couple hours, went to work.  Was going great. Had dishes in the sink, clothes in the washer and was on to bathroom cleaning. Got my bedroom vacuumed and some of the bath cleaned. Then made a fatal mistake—went downstairs into one of the bedrooms there and found a lizard.

  Now lizards and I have a contract—they live outside and I stay inside. If they honor this commitment, they’re O.K. However, on rare occasions, one of the little critters gets brave enough to break our bargain. When whey do it’s bye-bye lizard. One of these giant (4-inch) reptiles will never take me if the duct tape and garbage bags hold out. I have Saturday’s intruder contained in the room where he was spotted. I’ve taped up all entrances to the main part of the house. If he escapes, it will be through the outside door where he entered. If he’s smart enough to do this he’ll live—otherwise he’s history.


  Saw a documentary just last week on our good snakes, lizards, frogs, etc. attesting to all the harmful snakes, insects, rodents, etc. they rid our world of. Well, I have a little problem with this—the only good snake is a dead one, same with lizards. Frogs and I co-habitat very well. I’m sure my death-row lizard would have ridded my house of the Brown Recluse that almost got me last week.


  Was reading the Natural Science Museum’s Brochure  announcing an upcoming snake seminar (I won’t make) and also the Dinosaur Exhibit. Almost 20 years ago, while visiting Jim, Ed and I walked past one of the Museums in Rochester several times, hosting this Dinosaur Exhibit, and with each passing, we’d remark, “Tomorrow we’re going to take this in.” Well our visit came to a close without us ever seeing this fabulous display. Then some years later it came to Memphis (to the Pink Palace, I think). We were in Memphis several times during the Dinosaurs stay and again  failed to see them. I do hope I finally make time to visit this exhibit while it is in Jackson this summer. The Natural Science Museum is just across Lakeland from the Ag Museum and we always have good intentions of visiting it, but just always run out of time.


  Found MDOT employees painting the river bridge on 315 Saturday morning. This looks like a dangerous job and it’s going to be time consuming—when I came home late Saturday didn’t look like much progress had been made. I wondered why they just don’t close the bridge and get in there and do the work. I’m sure that if they put all the manpower into painting it would be done super fast. I also know there are ways to get traffic around this point—I’ve done it with Ed driving. It would take a little time and gas, but just think of how many times you’re going to stop and wait for who knows how long at the rate it’s being painted. Might be faster and cheaper in the long run, just to be inconvenienced for a short time. To do this the Hwy. Dept. would have to put up good temporary signs or just hand us a well marked map.

  This summer Highway 315 on the east side of the City will be closed for a long time in order to build a new bridge or put in a culvert (don’t remember which). All of us (especially the  folks who live in, or have businesses in this area) will have to to find an alternate route for a long time. Again, I think I have a better solution. Build a temporary bridge or build the new bridge and re-route the road to it.

  I know I’ll hear from MDOT employees on this—probably from Brother Bo first.

  Well, let it come, they’d blasted me before. I’ve heard from many tax payers on the 315 East Project and they don’t like what’s being done. So, I’m just offering my two-cents worth.


  I’m enjoying, as I sure you all are, the beautiful flower urns on Main Street, supplied for our benefit by Town and Country Garden Club members. They are so pretty and I do appreciate all the hard work by these women (and often their husbands).

  More beauty in our area right now is Queen Anne’s Lace, which is in full bloom on all our road sides. On the Pope/WV Road the Dorothy Perkins Roses have been beautiful—they’re beginning to fade and I’ll miss them.


  Enjoyed a brief visit from Friend Ann Gafford McCullar of Houston, Texas on Monday. Ann’s husband, Bobby, was a member of Ed’s Class and her mother, Irma Kate Gafford, and Miss Dollie were close friends. It was good to see Ann and catch up on her family.


  Space is short this week, so since my week was uneventful, I’ll close and let more important news be printed in place of my rambling.

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