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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Opened the office Friday morning, attended to the few chores I needed to do there, then after David, Mel and Jack arrived, I returned to the scene of the crime (building that had housed the Herald for some 41-plus-or-minus years.)

    There I began the monumental task of clearing 8,000 square feet of junk. Before I began, I rang up Sister Jimmie and inquired as to what was in store for her day. Found her deep in ironing (only had 30 church tableclothes needing washing and ironing.)

    Well since she had so little on her plate for the day, she came on over. Even commandeered Bill’s good pickup and picked up Carolyn and Bo as assistants.

  I had been cleaning for about two hours when they arrived. Do you have any idea how much stuff you can cram into one little six-drawer desk? Armed with trash bags and boxes, I began unloading one.     When they arrived, I had filled two large bags and several boxes, which I still have to sort through. Then I attacked a couple of bookcases. Ran out of boxes, so I just stacked books on every flat surface. Entering the building, their question was, “What have you done?” Have to admit it looked like Katrina had swept through.

  While Jimmie and Bo cleaned the unloaded desk and bookcases, I was off to look for new fastners to keep the glass from falling out of the bookcases. The original plastic ones were so brittle, they broke when Bo was removing the glass to transport. Found metal ones at Sartain’s, which are super.

    Isn’t it great that we can find what we need right here in the Valley. I rarely fail to find what I need here at home. And if it’s something they don’t have on the shelves they’ll order it for you (Sartain’s, Valley Lumber and Larson’s and I’m sure others will do this) and have it in a short time.

    While we were cleaning Carolyn was unloading another desk. She kept finding my greeting cards, state quarters, along with all the other saved things. One item she confiscated. Ed had kept a 2000 edition of The Panolian which contained the write-up of her daughter’s bid for State Miss Hospitality. She says, “I don’t have one of these.”

    Well I thought she needed it worse than I did. Couldn’t believe she didn’t keep several copies.

  The desk she cleared went home with her.

    When we all were so tired we could do no more, they went home to Pope and Courtland and I went up on the hill. Found the plants needing water badly, so I gave them a drink. Then I tied up my tomatoes, making numerous trips in and out the front door.

    At dusk, I was headed inside for the final trip of the day, when a visitor was entering just ahead of me. He was not going inside, rather going under the house, just slipping down between the brick under the front door—some brick has been off the front of the house for about 15 years. What I saw was about a foot of the tail some sort of snake right in front of me. Well, I watched him disappear and then I made a hasty entrance. Got out the trusty Duck Tape and,walla, another entrance to the house is secured.     Only door left to exit or enter is the laundry room and I didn’t know were to find a key to this lock. Saturday morning I finally found one (there are at least 5 or 6) cleaned off the leaves around the door, and now I can still live at home. Hope I don’t find a critter near this door and certainly not inside, or I be back to bag lady status.

  I’ve kept a sharp eye out for the sneaky snake, but so far he’s stayed out of sight. Moth balls, lime and other home remedies are being pressed into service.


  After clearing my exit Saturday morning, I went over to Mom’s for the day. We cooked, ate, cleaned, and watched TV (Memphis St., Jude Golf Classic and the Belmont Stakes Horse Race). –––

  A note from Lawrence Pass of Reno, Nevada reads: “The delivery of the paper is great. I usually receive it on Monday following publication (May 29th received on June 2nd). Once in a while it misses a week and then I receive two papers on the following Monday.”

  Thanks for the info Lawrence, this is good news. We do appreciate your writing.


  Courtney Warren, daughter of Belinda and Lynn Warren, and granddaughter of Barbara and Billy Warren, stopped by on her way out of town Monday morning. Courtney was headed for her new assignment at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Texas. That’s a long trip for that young lady, but I know she’ll make it find—she does everything well. She had all her belonging packed into her shiny red pick-up, had plenty of snacks and drinks, and a good road map, so she was well equipped for that trek.

  Ed and I made this trip several times in the 80s and even with the two of us it was a long haul—about 1300 miles and some of it pretty barren country.

  I alerted Jim that Courtney was on her way—I had given her their phone numbers and I know he and  Celeste will look after her, show her the sights and where to find all the good food.

  While talking to Jim, he reported his boo-boo of the day.

  Celeste is just out of school, so she is now home in the mornings. During the school year, she leaves home before Jim is even up—she teaches in El Paso. So he takes care of the dogs, then locks up before he’s off to school. Said yesterday morning (Monday) he went through his routine, without a thought as to where Celeste was. Reported that shortly after he arrived in his office, the phone rang. The number showing up was not one he recognized so when he answered and found his wife on the other end he was surprised. Seems Celeste was in the back yard in her nightly painting when he locked the door and left. She had to go to the neighbors, also a public school teacher so he was home, and borrow his phone. Celeste says she’s glad she sleeps in long T-shirts and not skimpy little gowns. Even with this though, I’m sure Jim’s in the dog-house. That’s funny, because they don’t have a dog house and he can’t get through the doggy door.


  Was so sorry to lose another of our Main Street Family last week, with the death of Mrs, Jewel Gregory. She, Mr. Jake and Bethel Davenport (the staff of Gregory’s Store when I arrived in the Valley) were such dear friends. It’s hard to believe they are now all gone. Sympathy is extended to the family and be assured that I will miss her also. Talked to her nephew, Gene Cryder, last week and we shared memoirs of Jewel and Jake. He took such good care of her and seems to be such a wonderful person—I always enjoyed visiting with him.

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