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Enid Lake Restricts ATV’s And ORV’s From Designated Recreation Areas

Effective Friday, May 23, Enid Lake restricted operation of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s, four wheelers) and Off Road Vehicles (ORV’s, side-by-sides), in all designated recreation areas and the immediate Dam Area at Enid Lake.

Designated recreation areas include: campgrounds and day use areas, and the immediate Dam Area includes: the north access, south access, the access adjacent to U.S. Interstate 55, the dam and toe roads, and areas around the administrative building, shop compound, and ranger office.

ATV’s and ORV’s are still permitted to be ridden on mudflats, portions of the fire lanes, portions of the horse trail at Plum Point and other remote areas of Enid Lake.     

Riders may access these areas from secondary access roads. Visitors may bring their ATV’s and ORV’s into the recreation areas, but they must remain loaded in the back of pick up trucks or loaded on a trailer.

Signs stating “No ATV’s/ORV’s Allowed” have been posted in all designated recreation areas.  Operators who refuse to follow established rules and regulations will be cited and subject to pay all fines, appear before a Federal Magistrate or suffer banishment from Enid Lake or a combination of any of the above. For more information on water safety or ATV’s/ORV’s please contact the Enid Lake Field Office at 662-563-4571.

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