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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Delivering papers last Wednesday morning was wonderful. The temperature was in the 50s and the humidity  was very low. As always on Wednesday morning, the visiting and fellowship was delightful. Joe Newman usually helps me carry the papers into Larson’s. He was there last week, but was not up to par. He was suffering from a terrible summer cold.

    Advised him to be careful with that ailment—they’re much worse than their fall and winter cousins. Every time I get one it takes me all summer to shake it and usually it goes into bronchitis or worse. Haven’t seen Joe all week, but hope he’s feeling better and back at his post in the morning.


  Thursday was a bittersweet day for me. It was our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Ed and I were married at four o’clock in the afternoon Thursday, June 19, 1958, in the Pope Baptist Church. On this special day I not only missed Ed, but also Ludie. Ludie did not play for our wedding—Daughter Ann did. However Ludie was there though, and on our anniversary we always heard two stories from her.

    On our wedding day it came a flood—think it rained bucket fulls and cats and dogs. The water in the church parking lot was about a foot and a half deep. Her first story was always that “Big Ed” (Daddy Shearer) came out with a huge umbrella and, as they arrived, toted every lady to the porch. She says he retrieved Ann from their car, but Ludie (who at that time weighed about 250) said he never came back for her. She continues, “Finally I removed my shoes and stockings, waded in and replaced my shoes.” She’s always ended this account with, “I never forgave him.”     

    She did play for his funeral though. Second came the weather report of rainfall on our anniversaries. She apparently kept a record of rain and sunshine on June 19th during the years. On the 45th (the last I celebrated with Ed and Ludie) she said we’d only missed rain three times.

    Well I don’t remember anniversary 46, 47, 48 and 49, but I do know that it failed to rain last Thursday. I was thankful for a busy day and night—if you have work to do you don’t have time to think (remember, wish). Bro. Ken reminds me often though, that to have those wonderful memories, that sometimes make me sad, I had to have enjoyed a wonderful life, something a lot of people never have. “Thanks for the encouragement, Bro. Ken, I know how blessed I have been and still am.”

  Many other Vallians are celebrating golden weddings anniversaries this year—many of these couples still intact—but a few like me without that better half. Congratulations to all of you. Started naming, then decided against it—know I’d forget someone.


  Jimmie came over Friday and we worked in the old Herald Office all day.

  We threw out many, many bags of garbage. More business and personal records dating back into the 80s were uncovered—these, along with tons of old papers, and other junk were tossed. We finally found some things that needed to be saved. All of Ed’s tools—saws, drills, screwdrivers, Dremel Tools and lots more. All of these were out of their cases, left exactly where he last used them. I’d locate a case then find a tool that fit,  and put it in, along with all the attachments. The only thing missing are the battery packs and I think all these are at the house. Now why they’re at home and the tools are at the shop is a mystery to me.

    Do hope I can find the right power pack for each tool. After tools came refinishing tools and supplies. For these I had to find a big box and it’s completely full of clamps, stripper, stains, and all kind of refinishers. Jimmie says we’re going to use all this—wonder when, we’ll not live long enough to clean out this building and certainly if we do we’ll be too old and tired to fix furniture.

  At the end of the day, we loaded up the van with “to save” items which went to the hill.

  On Saturday, after spending the morning at Mom’s cooking and cleaning, Bill called and said he was free to help with more moving. The crew grew even more when Bo and Rance loaded up the mowers and came along to cut the grass and trim the trees. After we completed my yard, Bo and Rance went up to Miss Dolly’s house to be yard men there. Bill, Jimmie and I stopped at the office to load his trailer and pick-up with some heavy items—those needing a strong back to help lift. After completing the yard, Bo and Rance came back and we stacked more on Bill’s vehicle and then it was off to unload at our storage house. We had a 16 ft. trailer and a full size pick-up loaded and it all fit into about a 10×12 space. That’s not the worst of it—you can hardly see any reduction in junk at the office. It’s going to take years to clear that place.


  Talked to Jim yesterday and he was so excited. He’s had two of the group on his latest CD (officially released over the weekend) out visiting him. They had played a wine tasting festival and presented a concert up in Riudoso. Report was that they were well received and sold hundreds of CDs. If anyone wants one I have a limited supply. They are $15.00 each.


  I’m tired of watering plants already. Do hope we get some rain soon. Last Friday, we did get a pretty good shower, but it’s dry as bone on the hill again.

  Jim says it’s hot and humid there—reported temps topping the hundred mark all last week. Said it was even hot up in the mountains and that’s very unusual.

  We are officially into summer, though, and should expect hot weather.

  Can you believe that it’s only a little over six weeks until school begins and only a little over five until Watermelon Carnival Weekend. This year is really getting away fast.


  Just talked to Bennett Anderson of Olive Branch. He and Mary Sue, along with T. J. Ray and I are going to work at the Print Shop over the 4th of July Weekend. We’ll be there on the 4th and 5th. If you don’t have 4th plans come on down and visit with us. I’ve never been to the Museum for this celebration, but understand they have a great time planned.

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