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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    My week hasn’t been very exciting personally, but via Friends Stan and Becky Crow, I enjoyed a delightful vacation to North Carolina. This was done while eating lunch at El Charrito last Thursday. Food was great, as always, and the entertainment was wonderful.

  The Crows were there to attend the high school graduation of Becky’s nephew. The entire Miller family gathered for this occasion, including her brother (father of the graduate) who is presently serving in Iraq. His plane was grounded for a long time, due to sand storms, so he missed the graduation by about five hours, but was able to enjoy the party following, plus some time at home with the family.

  Stan says that he and Michael climbed the highest sand dune on the Atlantic Coast. He reported that this was some feat. Then they went to the Cape Hatarus Light House and he was about to chicken out of climbing to the top, having received a report that it was some 600-plus steps up. Said when he heard it was only about half of this he thought, “What the heck!”  Stan says if you stopped and enjoy the view on each landing, it’s a piece of cake.     


  At the Herald we were all busy winding up the Month of June’s business, in anticipation of a Fourth of July Holiday this coming weekend. Got out the monthly advertising statements and the July subscription reminders, so guess we’re good to go when we complete this issue of the paper. We’ll be closed on Friday.


  Brother Don and his wife, Gina, who were scheduled to pull our travel trailer and pontoon into the Wallace Creek Area on Thursday, called to report that the outing had been cancelled. Seems that our favorite pad was one of those being renovated at this time. Guess we’ll have to enjoy an outing later in the summer. The busiest weeks of the year do not seem appropriate times to close recreation areas. However, I’m sure the Corps knows what it is doing, otherwise they’d have ask for my input.


  Got to Mom’s in record time, cooked some lunch, while Jimmie did the cleaning and Mom’s hair. Found I’m probably going to have to come to the rescue of the Cole’s new “dog-dog” Dazey. She likes to destroy things—preferably things that belong to Sister Jimmie. So far she has emptied many pots of her favorite plants. Dazey likes to play with the pots—dumps the dirt and plants and then tosses them into the air, sometime catching them and at other times letting them hit the concrete. When one is completely destroyed, she goes for another. She also found a 50 gallon garbage bags of aluminum cans, which Jimmie had saved for a friend, and thought it was great fun—cans were scattered over about a two acre area. Jimmie had to pick them up—not good Dazey. At last report Dazey was headed back to the dog pen only to be released under strict supervision.


  Bill Sissell called Sunday night. He and Nan had tried to find my house to deliver the Snake Away Product. He says he’ll bring it to the office. They had attended the memorial service for Drucilla Holmes.

  I keep hearing amazing snake stories, mine pales in comparison. Bob closed my snake’s front door entrance, but when he  took the brick off he opened up three big back doors. I saw those huge holes going underneath the house, but I just gathered up brick like no snake could possibly have gotten into those piles. Found no snakes and only saw one lizard—one of my chameleons. I scolded him, threatening to do him in if he didn’t stay in his holly bush. Did not see him again in the two mornings I worked in the brick piles—guess he understands English.


  Hope everyone has a safe, happy and fun 4th.

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