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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

 This column begins with a paragraph, which is representative of why I began writing the column in the first place. Always hope that the need for this will never arise again—however it will I’m sure until publication ceases.

  I am the guilty party this time and I apologize. In last week’s edition it was reported that the Fairground Association Sponsored Mississippi Delta Shows would run from Wednesday, July 23, until the 28. The Correct closing date is Saturday, July 26th. Please attend on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Wednesday night will be “Arm Band” Night, where during special hours you can ride all you care to for one price. Come out and have a great time.

  A corrected announcement of this event appears in this week’s paper.


  Jim, Celeste and Celeste’s father, John Walker, traveled the four-corners areas, plus other points of interest for over a week in early July. Hadn’t heard from them because their cell phones did not communicate in the remote places they were visiting. Jim called last Tuesday to tell me they were safely home and to report on the trip. I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon and twice we planned a trip there while visiting in Las Cruces.

    Both times we had to cancel. Jim says they went by the Canyon for a short visit and he had been there, while back in high school, for about five minutes on one of the Lion’s Band Trips. Jim”s opinion of this landmark is, “It’s a big hole in the ground—one visit is enough.” However, he says he will take me, but knows it won’t do much good because I (who am afraid of heights) won’t get within a quarter of a mile of the rim—and you can’t see much from there. However, he did report on a “must see” destination. Said after zipping by the Canyon, they found Zion National Park in Southern Utah and that it is the most beautiful spot he’s every seen and Jim’s traveled most of the U.S. and spent time in lots of foreign countries.

    He reported that they stayed in Springdale, Utah, a very small little town at the entrance to the park. There he says they found excellent and affordable lodging and lots of great food. Sounds like my sort of vacation—can’t wait to check it out.

  The kids are again out of communication range this week. On Wednesday they left for Chicago, where they rented a car and are traveling in upperstate Michigan this week—should be home tomorrow (Wednesday, which is their anniversary), so I’ll hear about this trip on Thursday. The reason for this trip was Celeste’s mother’s family reunion and also to visit Interlocken, where Jim attended band camp his senior year of high school, and to visit with Ann and Ed Barr. Dr. Barr was Jim’s low brass instructor at DSU. They both were members Delta Brass and were great friends.


  Time at the Herald Office for the past couple of weeks has been utilized in getting out the weekly edition and then working on the Special Watermelon Carnival Section. My contribution to the Section is to answer the phone and wait on customers, so the rest of the staff can work—I’m not much help with anything other than the regular weekly routine.


  Mary Sue Stevens shared some pictures of Ed, made at the Carnival in the early ‘80s. They are priceless. Also enjoyed looking through her early ‘80s Carnival Scrapbook and there are some great pictures there. Kept finding faces that were so familiar, but I was unable to put names to them. Finally drug out the Herald files and found many of the matching pictures with identification. A few that kept popping up were Vicki Flynn, wife of former Hospital Administrator Shannon Flynn, Leland Hurt, Minister of Music and Youth at FBC, and Jim Martin, Radio Station Manager. Know these names bring back fond memories for many of you. In one picture Ed is talking to Dr. Andy Myrick and I finally came up with his name. Thanks for sharing, Mary Sue.  

  Mary Sue was busy completing the 2008 Carnival Program and I’m sure we’ll have it in hand shortly.


  Woodland Hills completed a very successful VBS Friday night. Was a lot of hard work, but a wonderful experience. We had so much fun and everyone (young folks and adults) learned a lot. Everyone seems anxious to do it again next year.


  Tired as I was, I rolled out of bed early Saturday morning, did my chores (left undone all week), went grocery shopping and then went over to Mom’s to help get lunch on the table for the family. Brother Terry and Niece Nita from Brandon and Pearl came up for the weekend. We had a family gathering at noon, with only Brother Don absent. He and Gina had spent the week in San Antonio and other points in south Texas. They arrived home late Saturday and then joined us on Sunday for lunch. Mom is so happy when she has all of her chicks around the table. We had a great visit.

  Terry had come up for our school class reunions. The Crowder High School Classes of ‘55 (mine), ‘56, ‘57 (his), and ‘58, all gathered at Pa Paw’s Restaurant in Batesville at four Saturday afternoon. Dinner was served at six and we all enjoyed visiting for a while afterwards. Know we’re getting older though, because we went home before nine—a few years ago you’d have not gotten us out of there before the wee hours.

 It was sad to see so many of these kids in such poor health—in wheel chairs, on walkers, with oxygen, etc. As I visited with them, I was so thankful for the excellent health I’ve been blessed with. Even ailing though, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

  We had three teachers join us—our “Out The Mudline” Columnist Bill Sissell and his wife, Nanette, from Panola County, and Coach Grady Ferguson and his wife from Calhoun County. They look younger than most of us.


  Watermelon Banners are up, T&C Garden Club planters are looking great, town cleaning is progressing—must be almost Carnival Time.  I’m looking forward to it, but do hope we get a break in the heat.

  Music Festival will begin at 7 p.m. Thursday night, July 31, and Carnival days will be Friday and Saturday, August 1 and 2.

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