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Betty’s Week

Had a call last Wednesday from former Water Valley Postmaster Gary Gray, now Postmaster at the Etta Post Office. Gary says, “I have news that you really don’t want to hear! I have just received my July 17th paper.” Well I really didn’t want to hear that, but was not surprised since I’d heard from many, many subscribers from Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, and other states, not to mention the close by folks in Courtland, Pope, Batesville, etc.

  Gary goes on though, to explain that that was not his primary reason for the phone visit. Seems that in the 17th paper, an article announced that Class Reunion was to be the band for the Renasant Bank Street Dance. Well, I was glad that I had Chamber Manager Bonnie Cox standing beside me, so I could get the story straight.

    Bonnie says, “No, that’s not correct, the band will be Braden Gray and Loose Gravel.” I relieved Gary’s anxiety. He says, “Well, I’m glad, because we didn’t want to come over and not be on the program.” I’m happy about this also, since I sure do like to listen to Braden and his band—Looking forward to Friday night.


  Back to postal woes. Had a couple of calls from Linda (Mrs.  Jerry) Johnson, who lives in Blytheville, Arkansas, As of yesterday (Monday, the 28th) she still had not received her 17th or 24th editions.

  Then this morning Bob Samuels from BeeBe, Arkansas called to tell me that he and Mary had not received their papers. I explained that we put them in the mail in the wee hours each Wednesday morning, which he knew.

  Did enjoy our visit though. We reminisced about life on Main Street in Water Valley and the “Generation Gap” Band whose members were, his older brother, Snow, Oscar Parsons, Ed, Iris Clark, Dr. Rayford Edgar, and I’m sure others. They were a great group. That group is no more, since “Doc” is the only member left.

  Still playing though is “The Sharecroppers”, the last group Ed played with and they will be opening for the Thursday Night Music Festival, sponsored by Town and Country Garden Club.  The Band will begin playing at seven o’clock and this will be followed at 7:30 by entertainment from many other talented performers, along with the introduction of Watermelon Royalty.


  For our Oxford subscribers, let me explain what is happening with your papers—if you’re one of the few who have not called.

  Al Davis, who works for the Oxford PO, is a bit under the weather. He was unable to pickup the papers last Wednesday morning and transport them directly to the Oxford PO, therefore they went into the postal system, whereby they were routed to Grenada, then on to Memphis, before coming back to Oxford—takes awhile. Be patient you will receive them. I tell everyone to just be thankful that they have Al to expedite deliver of these papers most weeks. We do appreciate him.

  Talked to Betty last night, though, and Al will not be working again this week—still has to have more tests.


  Niece Misty is planning a wedding. She and Trea Wright will be married next summer. We know that her wedding will be simply, tasteful and beautiful, but the plans around the dinner table did not forecast this.

  First off I ask, “What are your colors?” Misty says, “I kinda like brown and aqua.” “Well, O. K., but the only floral decorations that came to mind using those colors, were dead leaves, pine cones, dried Water Lily Pads, with the nuts still in—although I’m afraid most of the nuts will escape before this wedding is over.”

  Discussion continued. I report that my dream wedding has always been light pink and hot pink. To which Misty screams, “Bashful and Blush” of course from Steel Magnolias. Then Jimmie says, “My dream wedding would have been lavender and purple.” “Oh, yes that would be great.”

  Jimmie’s wedding was at a perfect time of year for Misty’s color scheme—Thanksgiving Day. How much browner can you get than that.

  My wedding was in June, a time for pink roses and pastels. It was decorated with magnolias, gardenias, baby’s breath, and greenery—totally white and green. The only color was Jimmie’s (my only attendant) dress, which was baby blue. Punch was pink and the punch table was covered in hot pink. Other than that it was white and green, but it was simple and beautiful.


  We now have the new Carnival Programs on our counter, Collectible Christmas Ornaments and Carnival T-Shirts are available at the CofC Office, folks are beginning to arrive for Carnival Weekend, and the temperature is just about high enough for the fun to begin.

  First friends to drop by the office were Connie and Wayne Simpson from Mobile. Wayne and Ed were graduates of the WVHS Class of ‘53 and life-long friends. Was so good to see them.

  Hope to seen many more former Vallians returning for a visit during the weekend.

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