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Street Talk

Main Street Will Host Blue Devil Pep Rally

By Alexe van Beuren

People have been asking how long the Main Street Farmers Market will continue. My answer: as long as there are vendors with things to sell. Eddie Rogers thinks we can make it until the end of September, so keep coming: we’ll be open!
In other WVMSA news, we’ve got a team of Mississippi Main Street experts coming to town this week to help us identify ways to improve Water Valley. The rumor is that at the end of the assessment process, they give us grant money to help us meet our goals, but since this is a new Main Street program and Water Valley is one of the first three towns in the entire state of Mississippi to participate, the details are a bit hazy. Let’s hope that the rumors are true though!
More immediately, WVMSA is hosting a pep rally for the Blue Devils’ first football game of the season. Put it on your calendar: August 28th.
I can’t wait. There is nothing more fun than visiting with friends and neighbors in the heart of our town, and that’s what every event WVMSA hosts – from the farmers market to the pep rallies to Founders Day – tries to do.
As for the scuttlebutt on Main Street, John Tatum told me the other day that he and Becky plan to reopen their Main Street restaurant by early October.
They’ll be doing things a bit differently this time. Plate lunches with home-cured meats and fresh vegetables will be what they serve, and the bar will be open in the evenings.
Judging by the quality of the home-cured sausage and bacon John’s been selling at the Farmers Market, the meat will be superb. Won’t that be wonderful? I’m sure I’ll see y’all there!
The other news on the street is that there is the faintest possibility that yoga will come to Water Valley. If it ends up working out, the class would be held in the Water Valley Dance Company’s space. If you’re at all interested, shoot me an email: the class will be more likely to happen if there is local interest (besides mine!) and I will forward your email to the appropriate person.
Yoga is a great way to tone up and calm down. During the last few years, yoga has boomed and is now taught in towns all over the country. It’d be a wonderful addition to our exercise options in Water Valley!
As always, check out the poll of the week at Email me at, if you’re interested in the yoga class, or if you’ve got Street Talk on your mind.

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