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Franklin Pens Tale Set In Early Years

Lannon Franklin has written a book titled “It’s A Long Way From the Ant Bed” set in rural north Mississippi. The book is about the hard times and stagnant society experienced by a youngster who lived in very intensive farm labor conditions.

It was a period when cross-cut saws were used to cut wood, mules and horses were used for farm plowing, and water was drawn by rope or windless from a dug well, according to Franklin.

“While sitting on a plow stock resting his mule team, the boy becomes motivated to achieve higher objectives by simply watching a bed of ants construct a bridge across a trench that was dug as an obstacle to harass them,” Franklin said.

He added that the idea is simple. If ants, through hard work and persistence, can overcome obstacles, improve their environment, and achieve a higher standard of living, so can we through assertiveness, coupled with the willingness to take calculated risks.

The book is currently published by the author and is being printed by Varner Printing in Water Valley. Jo Ann King of Water Valley and Roger Goss of Grenada provided computer assistance.  Joan Kitchens of Oxford did the cover and drawings, and Pat Moore of Water Valley provided proofreading.

“I hope you enjoy reading the book,” Franklin said. Copies may be purchased from Varner Printing for $16.00, or from Franklin who can be contacted at 603 Mounds Pleasant Circle. His e-mail is and his telephone number is 473 2138. Mail orders are available for an additional $2.50 for shipping.

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