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Street Talk

First Main Street Pep Rally Next Thursday

By Alexe van Beuren

This morning, I spent a frustrating two hours on the phone trying to fix the WVMSA printer. After being told a whole bunch of hogwash (it’s not our fault, it’s your fault, buy something new), I called Taylor Trusty.

He knows exactly what is awry and will be over tomorrow morning to fix it.

Yet another reason to buy everything we can, from refrigerators to IT services, close to home. Because neighbors have your back.

In other news, the Charette group that everyone’s been talking about finally came to town last Tuesday. They spent an hour touring Water Valley (in the pouring rain), and then met for nearly two hours with various community members, including WVMSA board members, the Mayor, Bob Tyler, and others.

Here’s the idea: a charette is when a group of experts (architects, marketing geniuses, urban planners) put their educated heads together and spend an intense few days conferring with locals and devising a sort of master plan on how to get the town where it would like to go.

Water Valley is receiving the benefits of the Charette group without picking up the tab, thank Heaven. Experts don’t come cheap. The bill is estimated to be around $30,000; WVMSA’s “Parent” organization, the Mississippi Main Street Association, is picking up the tab for Water Valley and the two other towns undergoing the Charette process (Carthage and Holly Springs).

The next step is the town meeting. Mark your calendars: October 20th at 6pm, location TBA. We need EVERYONE– from teenagers to retirees– to attend and tell these folks what is good about Water Valley.

The Charette team will then spend the next two days working in town. On Wednesday, October 22nd, at 6pm (location again TBA), the Charette team will present Water Valley’s master plan. Make sure you come to that too!

Since you have your calendars out, mark down Thursday, August 28th: come downtown to the bandstand for the first community pep rally of the season. The Booster Club will be selling hamburgers and hotdogs, and get ready to pump up the Blue Devils before their first game!

Lastly, y’all might remember hearing about the grant from the Appalachian Community Learning Program that WVMSA won.

We’ll be using the grant on Duncan Street. The project is called Better BackStreet.

Here’s what we need: volunteers to landscape, paint, and pick up trash for EVERY SATURDAY in October.

As always, check out the poll of the week at

Have a great week in the Valley!

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