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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    We’ve had some unusual vegetables on our counter for several days now. They are a cross between yellow squash and cucumbers, produced accidentally by David’s father-in-law, Mr. Martin.

    The two vegetables were grown on adjoining rows and simply crossed. In our gardens through the years we’ve grown these two vegetables side by side on several occasions but have never had this happen—must be an unusual occurrence, maybe even a one time only. I took a couple of these “squashumbers” home last Thursday to sample.

    Then decided to take them on the Cole home so Bill and Jimmie could take a look at the things. Jimmie and I were going to eat them when we returned from our bridge party, but forgot. I came home sooner than expected and never got a bite of the two I’d taken to Pope.

  With several of the veggies still on our front counter, I picked up one on way out Monday after work. Took it home, got out the ranch dip, and sampled same. It was a bit chewy, since it had been off the vine several days and not even stored properly, but the taste was excellent. It did not taste like either parent vegetable—had a sweeter taste than either, and was goo.


  Enjoyed meeting Walter Richardson late Thursday afternoon. He was in to take advantage of our special $9.95 subscription offer. Introduced myself, telling him that I’d known his whole family for years, but had just not met him. Have known his in-laws, Faye and Arthur Benson Nolen, and their daughter, Kay, (Walter’s wife) since I’ve been in the Valley and then his children, Brandon and Michael, (they may not know me, but I know who they are). I’m sorry I took so long getting to know Walter—we had a great visit.


  After work Thursday, I went to Jimmie’s and Bill’s for the weekend. We were playing bridge (first time I’d played in months) at the home of Chris and Kate Florence Pope in Batesville. She a daughter of Amy Stone Florence, and granddaughter of the late Dr. John Stone, who was many Vallians dentist during the years we had no dentist in the Valley. Some of you may not know that Mrs. Stone (Joy) died recently.

  Sister Eve (also a member of the club) and Kate had prepared a delicious meal and the fellowship was wonderful. I even played a couple of good hands and the last hand of the night was great. Partner Glenda Deaton and I had not done well at all (no points), so it was bet the farm. I bid three no-trumps and we made it.

  Taking high for the night was Sarah Russo (wife of our new assistant coach, Richard Russo). Sarah is a delightful person and it’s always fun to visit and play with her. We’d been partners at the first table and most of my score for the night was during these five hands. Sarah, an attorney, and  Richard live in Batesville and are parents of a little girl and a baby boy. Richard was babysitting Thursday night. Sarah says she’s looking forward to attending some of the Blue Devil games.


  Early Friday morning Jimmie and I took Little Bit to the groomers and it was about time. He was so matted and dirty that they had to cut his hair really short. When we returned him to Mom, she says, “They scalped my little doggie.”


  Later Friday Brothers Bo and Rance were loading lawn mowers, coming to the Valley to cut my yards. So I came with them. Was surprised at how little grass there was to cut. Usually when we cut at Miss Dolly’s house we need a hay baler. This time, even though it had been weeks since the lawn had been cut, I didn’t even fill a bag. My yard was not that bad either—didn’t even rake it. However, with the rain, I’m sure the story will be different in a week or so.

  I’d taken a carmel cake out of the freezer for Rance—his favorite. Put it on the front porch for him to take home. After they loaded and left I was putting up the rakes, brooms, etc., and taking in the glasses and pitchers. Looked for the cake, because I‘d not see them put in in the truck. Though, “Oh well, I just missed seeing them take it away.”

  Jimmie called early Saturday morning to give me a list of things needed at Mom’s. I related the strange disappearance of the cake. Laughing, she says, “Well, maybe your deer or squirrels ate it, pan and all.” We both have trouble with the critters munching on our plants and other things.

  Hung up the phone, jumped in the van and headed down 315 to Larson’s for supplies. Shortly heard a bumping on top of the van, so I slowed down. Glancing in the rear view mirror, and looking for a place to pull off the road, I suddenly saw something fly off the top.  Immediately I knew I’d lost a cake. Was so glad that no one was following me or their windshield would have been covered with carmel. I stopped as soon as I could, went back, but never found the pan. If a farmer or hunter finds a 9×12 cake pan,  off 315, you’ll know where it came from.


    While loading old papers last Thursday from the second door at the old Herald Building, I discovered a news item shoved under the door. It was just a miracle that it was found in time for publication. We didn’t even use that door when were were housed in that building and do not check it sometimes for weeks since we’ve moved down the street. Be sure that you bring your news articles to 416 North Main Street. It is fine to put them through the mail slot—we have only one door at this location and pick up these items daily.


  Friday night the 2008 Blue Devil Football Season begins. The Devils will play county rival Coffeeville on the Coffeeville Field.


  I’m concluding this column with an announcement that should have been in the church news. However, since we do not have a complete story, I’m sharing it here. I’ve tried for two days to reach the church number, (662) 675-8290, to no avail.

  The announcement is of the Family and Friends Day Program at Moorse Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church, located on 330 West, in Coffeeville. The program begins at 3 p.m., but no date was given. Rev. Marcus Dudley is pastor of the church, but I found no number listed for him. If you wish to attend, maybe you can reach the number to learn the date.

  When you give us information for an event, double check to make sure you’ve give us the complete story. You might also want to give us a phone number, just in case something is omitted.

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