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School Uniforms

“My two cents” is an American idiomatic expression, taken from the original British idiom expression: to put in “my two pennies worth”.

Herald readers are invited to submit their two cents on-line on stories which have appeared in the newspaper and on our website at Below are some of the best taken from recent submissions.

Our story about the public forum to be held in the Water Valley High School cafeteria Thursday night  concerning school uniforms has generated a lot of interest.

Concerned Parent commented: Just because someone is wearing the same color shirt is not going to stop the formation of cliques, gangs, etc. Children are going to make fun of others no matter what. They will still pick on others because of physical features, last name, or who their parents are. By enforcing uniforms, it destroys one’s ability to self express. It is time that the PARENTS start taking responsibility for their kids and make sure they are dressed appropriately for school. As for teachers and staff, it is high time that they took some initiative to dress more professionally and set an example for the students in their care. When I was in school you did not see teachers in flip flops and shorts.

Yes to Uniforms! said: I work for Jackson Public Schools where there is a uniform policy. Ten years ago I would have disagreed with making students wear uniforms. However, I now believe that all schools should have them…not because it’s the “in thing”, but because it really helps with bullying and behavior.

Our students wear khaki shorts/pants with a belt and navy blue or white collared shirts. If they break the policy just once, their parents are called to bring them the correct uniform, or they spend the day in detention. Other schools in Jackson, have an even better policy. They order from only one uniform company. Some parents might can afford five shirts and some might can only afford two, but at least they are all wearing the same brand.

Yes, students are going to always have cliques, but I can promise you that they will not look like prisoners. I think they would look really nice if the school used one company and had shirts with the school logo on it. Also, I don’t think you should compare the success or lack of success of a school system on whether they have uniforms or not…and I can assure you that they won’t lose their ability to self-express. We’re not turning them into robots.

And finally, from Parent of Student: I do not mind one bit for a stricter dress code/uniform. Most of the other schools that have recently adopted these tell me they consists of blue oxford style shirts and khaki pants. This, to me, does not constitute a uniform. It is simply put, a stricter dress code.

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