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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Our own Yalobusha Disaster Relief Team has just returned from helping with clean-up in Natchez, following Hurricane Gustav. We applaud these folks for their willingness to aid in these disaster situations. They’re a bright star in Yalobusha’s Crown.

  I know of one other with ties to the county, who helped during this latest disaster. Lisa Wiginton (Mrs. John) went with the New Albany Wal-Mart Team to help with relief on the Gulf Coast, following the recent storm. She is a daughter-in-law of Vallian Cathy Hunt Ward.

  I’m sure many others from our area also assisted. Many were ready to go, but were not needed for this one. Our own postmaster’s Guard Unit from Pontotoc did not go and Brother Bo’s group of MDOT personnel was not needed. Hopefully they will not be needed this week, with the arrival of Ike—tracking now to the Gulf, but predicted to hit shore about the Texas/Mexico Border. Of course we all know it can change course and hit anywhere in the Gulf. I think everyone is remaining on ready alert and hoping they’re not needed.


  We were scheduled for a trip to the Ag Museum over the weekend and this was also scrubbed. It was Celtic Festival Weekend, but I’m sure it was not attended at full capacity, with all the interruptions from Gustav.


  Had some free time after completing weekend projects, so Mom and I turned on the television. Don’t know what station the set was tuned to, but it was airing the 911 event—seventh anniversary of which will be Thursday.

  On the morning of September 11, 2001, I watched most of it. Was in the shower when it began, but came out wrapped in by bath towel and sat on the bed with Ed until both towers collapsed. This is the only Tuesday in my 50-plus years at the Herald that it opened late. We, like everyone else in the US were glued to the TV. Ed says,

    “It does not matter that we’re late, because no one wants in. They’re all doing exactly what we are.” And he was right—We did not have a single complaint that we were not on time for work on 9-11-01.

  As I watched Saturday, I saw many things that I did not remember—think I was in shock when I saw it as it happened. It boggles my mind that over 10,000 people escaped doom in those buildings, with only 2,800 killed. Also it’s scary that with all the sophisticated fire fighting equipment those fires could not be put out.

  It was very interesting to hear accounts from rescue personnel, along with many who escaped—some with miraculous stories.

  I’m sure we’ll see many other documentaries on this event in the next few days and I hope I have opportunity to watch.


  One who usually falls asleep as my head is lowered to the pillow, a couple of nights this past week had trouble getting to slumberland.

  One night I pulled out my TV bed pillow, rarely used, turned the bedroom light and TV on and watched some of the re-hash of the Republican Convention. Was muchly impressed by Gov. Sara Palin and Sen. John McCain. Was disappointed with the Democratic rebuttal.

  My thinking is that the only sure thing our President has charge of is the military—he is the Commander in Chief. In other agenda he can suggest remedies, offer leadership and veto if it comes to that. But he has no power to pass legislation—that’s up to the Senate and Congress.

  The spokesmen for the Democrats were reporting that they would cut taxes x-amounts for the different income brackets, put people back to work, fix the medical insurance and education problems, etc. The President can’t accomplish these things and should not be blamed when they go wrong. I believe the legislature and the public sector have control over these. If I’m wrong someone set me straight.

  Then next night, when again sleep would not come, I watched the movie, “Airforce I”. Never saw it before, but told the Sunday School Class Sunday that it might be a glimpse of the future. President (much younger than McCain) was a strong military figure and he became very active in the fight against terrorism. His VP (much older than Sara) was a strong, take charge woman. It was a very frightening, but excellent, movie. Ed had watched this movie (he watched everything with a plane in it), I’m sure several time, but I’d just never got into it. I’m glad I saw it Saturday night.

  My education continued this morning as I was waiting for the weather to get better. Presidential nominee McCain’s daughter, Meghan, was on the Today Show. She has written a book about she and her father and in it seems to have pulled all the skeletons out of the closet. Thought that’s one way to defeat the press—get the skeletons out and air them before they dig them out and make mountains out of mole hills.

  Meghan reports that her father was not a good student, was a hot head, was a maverick (didn’t always follow the rules in school or in the Navy), and the bomb shell was that he’d dated a stripper. Well, I wonder if there is anything left for the press to dig up?—doubt it! She says he’s just a man and a good one, but he does have his warts.

  He is strong military, having served on an aircraft carrier. The McCains now have two sons in the miliary, one that is being deployed for a second tour in Iraq. The Pavins also have a son in the miliary, scheduled to deploy for Iraq on 9-11. All this info came from Meghan’s interview. Her books are children’s books and she says she’s gotten very close to Palin children—and is very protective of them. She says she’s chosen to put her life in the limelight, because she’s campaigning for her father, but they have not and deserve some privacy. I think she’s correct.


  It was good to see Mary Norris yesterday and to learn that Mayor Bill is recuperating nicely, following his by-pass surgery.

  Saw Steve Moore in Lowe’s Saturday and he looks good. Said he’d had a bad few days, but was feeling better. We discussed Al Davis and Steve says Al still does not have his strength back, but is looking pretty good. These are Hunter’s grandfathers.

  Report is that Alice Allen came through her hip replacement surgery and rehab is going fine. I’m glad folks keep me up on the condition of all my friends—I neglect them. I always have good intentions but they get lost in the shuffle.

  Robert Montgomery came by yesterday and it was the first time I’d seen him in months. He’s had a serious health problem and again I’d intended to call and check up on him, but let it get too late each night. I’m glad to see him on the mend, but says he’s still is not able to play golf on a regular basis—he’s not well yet.


  Fall is approaching and the weather is beginning to feel like it.

  The Devils are playing football and heard someone say they’re looking forward to Thanksgiving, which means Christmas is just around the corner.


    Last week’s Herald carried the obituary of long-time friend, Gale Denley, who was editor of the Calhoun County Journal. He and Ed were close to the same age—I think Ed was a year older—and our families have always worked closely with each other. When Ed died, the Denleys were first on the scene to offer their assistance. I’m sorry I did not know of Gale’s death until Monday following his funeral. He will be missed as a friend and as a journalist. Sympathy is extended to Joann, the girls and the entire Denley family.

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