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Portland Trip Gives Writer First Experience With Modern Rail System

By Charles Cooper

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a good week.  Well, we’re back from Portland and I’m happy to report that it was a great wedding.  Lupe, Terri, Shelby, Virginia, Edward, Sandra, and Chris represented our side of the family.  Nicole’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Zed, brothers Michael, David, from Connecticut and sister, Christine and her fiancé, Jakop from New York made quite a crowd.  

We had rented a guest house and we all stayed there.  Jamie’s lifelong friends Rob and Lawrence were the two groomsmen, and Nicole’s sister, Christine was maid of honor and three of her friends were bridesmaids.  It was an open air affair on Saturday afternoon in the Botanical gardens and fortunately the Portland weather cooperated.  Portland is overcast much of the time and we were afraid that we might be forced to hold it inside.  A young Minister, Ron Haley, did a superb job of combining informal with a well organized service.  

Afterward they asked for comments from both fathers and from friends that knew the couple. I was really moved by some of the tributes since some of the people had only known them since they moved to Portland three years ago.  Jakop’s hobby is photography and he promised to email me pictures and he came through as you can see.  

We got to do little sight seeing out by the Gorge where Lewis and Clark came through on their way to the ocean and the waterfall is spectacular. and across the river we could see Washington State.

Downtown I had my first experience with the modern commuter rail system.  Betty, this would probably appeal to you, as we ate in an Oyster Bar that recently celebrated its one hundred year anniversary and since I hadn’t eaten in an Oyster bar since Andertons in Memphis closed its doors it was a real treat.  

I had to fly years ago for business reasons but I hadn’t been on a plane since 2000 and it was an experience. As I suspected, my hip replacement set off the alarms in Memphis and Portland.  

I had a letter from my surgeon but they didn’t look at it but subjected me to the complete body scan and a lot of questions. I think they were finally satisfied that I wasn’t a terrorist and passed me through. Even though it was an inconvenience, I am in complete accord with the inspections that have been brought about by the times we live in.  

I know you’re probably saying that Cooper spent a lot of time about people you don’t know, but you know me and since Jamie is a fifth generation descendent of Great grandfather Elijah Badley, there is a Water Valley connection.  

We are justly proud of Jamie and what he has accomplished so far in his twenty-nine years and we wish he and Nicole a long and happy life together.  

As someone remarked at the reception, it’s as if they were intended for each other.  Nicole is so genuine that you instantly know that what she projects is what she is, a loving caring person and we feel that Jamie is blessed to have found her.  

I’ve been doing some research and next week I think you’ll like what we will feature as well as in the weeks to come.  Let me hear from you as your input is still a vital part of this column.  My email address is still or write me at P.O. Box 613189 Memphis, Tn 38101 and have a great week

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