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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Carolyn and Bo brought a Bible to me, which we hope can be reunited with its owner. It is red, in a black carrying case and was found in Panola County. If you are the owner of this Bible, or know the owner, please contact me at the Herald Office, 473-1473, or drop by and pick up your Bible.


  Played Bridge Thursday night in the home of Sarah and Richard Russo at Batesville. About half-way through the outing, Richard arrived home, having coached the WV Junior High Football Teams, who had played on the home field. He reported one win and one loss. Told Richard we needed help covering these games (usually played on Tuesday nights, when it’s almost impossible for us to attend). Told him that if he’d give us the facts we could write a story and if someone could snap a picture, we’d be glad to use them. Richard said he thought he could make that happen. It’s almost too late this year, but he’ll be ready to go next season. Mark Anthony was able to cover the games Thursday.

  Bridge was fun, but even more fun was getting to play with Richard’s and Sarah’s six-month-old son, Trea. He is the cutest baby I’ve every seen, just loves to cuddle and smiles all the time. Has the deepest dimples, that are adorable. I could kidnap that little boy—and I really think he’d be happy with me.

  I’m still the resident low-scorer of this group. Sarah served us a great supper, the fellowship, as always, was delightful, and I enjoy playing—win or loose.


  Jimmy and I finally got to visit the Plein Air Southern Living Idea House, located in Taylor, Friday morning. It has some really beautiful and interesting features—some things that would be easily incorporated into a much smaller home or even a renovation project. I was especially fascinated with the camoflauge for the electrical service box. I have that problem on my back porch, which I’m taking into the kitchen. They  constructed a framed chalkboard, then hinged the whole thing. Chalkboard is handy to make lists or for notes to family members.

  I really liked the floors—reclaimed wide pine boards, along with some very intricate brick work. Kitchen also caught my eye. It featured Viking appliances, along with all the smaller items (also Viking) needed in this area. The cabinets were beautiful and so work friendly, with counters to die for.

  The floor plan was very open—foyer flowed into the LR/DR, which was open to the kitchen. Bedrooms, baths and laundry room were upstairs. Also on the second floor was an open area, with French doors opening onto a balcony. Much of the furniture was handcrafted. All the custom made doors were made from reclaimed woods.

  Then we went outside. Found the cutest dog house I’ve every seen—think it was my favorite part of the house. Also detached was the guest /mother-in-law quarters. A cute little self-contained unit with a day bed, roomy closet and full bath, it was just right for entertaining guests. Centering the well manicured grounds was a fabulous gazebo. More outdoor entertaining was possible on the first floor patio, complete with a huge outdoor fireplace. LR also contained a fireplace.

  The art and furniture provided more interesting viewing. Think we got our five dollars worth, since we had a tour guide for much of the time we were in the house. It is supposed to be a self guided tour, but we lucked out.

  After visiting the main attraction, we crossed the street for a tour of the other home (dubbed the construction house) and it was also amazing. Here you pick up all the info on things used in both houses.

  If you have not seen these houses you only have this  coming weekend to get it done. I highly recommend that you go if you enjoy house touring.


  After the home tours, we ate at Emileigh’s and the food was delicious. We enjoyed the salad plate, but everything I saw on other plates looked wonderful—made me wish I could eat several meals. Saw several Vallians there—Dee and Bobby Cox, Geri and Ross Cardwell and Arnold Carothers and I’m sure there were more. Jimmie and I are planning a return trip—we saw lots of foods we want to sample.

  Visited Tin Pan Alley (for those of you who have not visited Taylor lately this is the antique shop) and I could have taken home a truck load. However, Jim says if I buy a piece two have to be removed from the house. This kinda cuts down on my purchases. Did find one little item that just had to go home with me—maybe I can hide it.


  Saturday afternoon Jimmie and I cleaned Mom’s carport. For some reason the mice had decided to inhabit this area. I’m terrified of them, so I was not a lot of help. She had to run the little critters out and then I’d help her move the heavy stuff, until the boys came in from setting up their deer stands—it’s that time of year. Then Rance helped, but he also almost caused me to have a heart attack—threw a dead mouse on me. With the “rat killing” over and the carport looking great, it was into the kitchen to get Sunday lunch ready. Did this in record time.

  Came back early to hear the Sharecroppers and they were great. During intermission I enjoyed visiting with Vocalist Christie Hathorne, now of Bruce. Husband Daniel, who was pastor of Coffeeville First Baptist for many years, is now pastor of First Baptist Bruce. Following the performance I got to visit with former Vallian Jessey Higdon, now a Bruce resident, and Clay Ashford. Always tell Clay that he’s part mine—claim him as one of my sons. We got to memories of his Mom, Kathryn, and of course, Ed. Clay says, “Mom would have been so proud of all the folks I’ve played with and the musical entertainment I’ve provided.” Then he goes on, “but she’d have yelled at me because I’m playing the drums and not the saxophone.” I remark, “I’m probably one of the few folks who can remember that you even play sax!” In his teen years, he and Ed were two of the saxophones  in the WVHS Stage Band. It was a great night of music and visiting. My thanks to the CofC for providing these enjoyable events.


 Woodland Hills had a big day Sunday. It was High Attendance Day for Sunday, dubbed “Rodeo Roundup” and the wranglers rounded up 104 for SS. Following some exciting music by the congregation and choir and a timely sermon by Bro. Ken, we enjoyed a soup, chili, and stew lunch. Then it was on to fun and games. The kids really liked horse back riding, provided by Sammy Anthony, the air jumping house, face painting, cotton candy and popcorn. Everyone participated in the many games and contests—horse shoes, egg race, close pin drop, sack race, water balloon toss, and cake walk. I actually won a cake—only had to walk about ten miles to do so. Then I got a special door prize—a basket filled with ripe and green tomatoes, along with squash pickles and pepper sauce. Ruth Anthony and I ran the Close Pin Drop and we had so much fun with children and adults both playing—we gave enough candy as prizes to keep all the dentist busy for awhile. Didn’t hear a single complaint—only lots of compliments. It was a wonderful Lord’s day. We do appreciate the WVFD and the VFW and their Ladies Auxiliary joining us for the afternoon. The young folks really liked the fire truck and the VFW gifts were muchly appreciated.


  Capping a really full and exciting weekend was the Art Show Monday night. This was hosted by Jennifer and Lee McMinn and was so nice. I don’t know a thing about art, but I still had a great time. I know when I see something I like, and I  liked everything there. Was asked which piece I was taking home and for the life of me I could not have singled out my favorite. We have so many talented folks in the Valley. In addition to viewing all the lovely art, we all enjoyed seeing the great renovation Lee had done with his old building—it is beautiful and just perfect for an art gallery. Lee bribed me (he thought) to come by offering lots of food. He didn’t know that I’d have come anyway—I do also enjoy beauty and fellowship. Lee’s another one of my claimed kids so I can joke with him. However, the food was delicious and I did enjoy it, too. Thanks,  Jennifer and Lee, for hosting this wonderful event.


  Got a feeling the coming weekend is going to seem boring, following such a great one. Well, once in a while we do have to stop and do the laundry and dishes. We also have to get a paper to the printer, so I’d better stop rambling.

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