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Street Talk

Volunteers Are Still Needed For Better BackStreet Program Saturday

By Susan Hart

It’s Beginning to look a lot like…Autumn! The leaves are turning, the weather is milder, and the Town & Country Garden Club has changed out the planters along Main Street. Club members worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with the colorful change.  WVMSA neighbor, Chamber office manager, Bonnie  Cox and Garden Club Chairperson Patsy Humphreys spruced up the urns in front of the WVMSA office as well.  Thanks, ladies! If you are looking for colorful ways to dress up your yard or sunny porch, consider ornamental grass, snapdragons, violas, and pansies. “They start off well in the cooler months, and then become shy when colder, but jump back again in the warmer Spring,” Mrs. Humphreys told me. It certainly makes a difference to our Main Street.

Elvis Rocked Main Street

About 75 folks came out for the Movie on Main Street  presentation of “Jailhouse Rock,” Friday night. WVMSA would like to thank Renasant Bank for providing popcorn. The movie was shown on a 10 X 13 foot screen made by Coulter Fussell and Amos Harvey. The screen is portable, too. It can be moved indoors. “Kagan and I are happy to use our building for a Christmas movie showing,” says Alexe van Bueren in an email, responding to the handful of  messages about the subject. Look for coming information about the next Movie on Main Street.  

Activity on Main Street continued with the Better Back Street Work Day on Saturday. Over 20 volunteers showed to lend their skills and brawn, sprucing up the Duncan Street stretch. About 10 participants were high school students getting community service hours. “They were eager workers moving from task to task with no complaints,” said Ramona Bernard, project Sparkplug. Weeding and sanding, priming and painting were rewarded with delicious sandwiches from White Star Kitchen, who served about 22 of them. Volunteers who are good with power tools are still needed to construct the A/C surrounds. Others are needed to finish painting. If you would like to help out, contact this office at 473-6767 or email Saturday, October 25 is another scheduled workday. The work does get noticed. Mrs. Carolyn Byford of Carolyn’s Flowers and Gifts said, ”They  (WVMSA) are the smartest and hardest working bunch. It looks so nice back there. I am happy to do whatever I can for Water Valley. This town has been so good to me.”

I have had a wonderful time visiting with store owners, keepers, and managers this past week. Look in Street Talk next week for exclusive specials at shops on Main Street. Susie Shopper will be spilling the beans on some deals you can get only in Water Valley. Speaking of only in Water Valley, drop by the Velvet Glove for a Blue Devil Football tee. Owner Candy Tallant said there are a few long sleeved left and several short sleeved tees. Show your Blue Devil support at Friday night’s home game against [J Z George].

At Valley Lumber Larry Sprouse was helping a customer with an exchange. The item was the wrong size, and Valley Lumber did not have the correct size in stock. Mr. Sprouse put in an order, but told his customer in the meantime, “I want you to finish your project, so try Sartain’s across the street. If they’ve got one, have them charge it to me.” That’s the personal care you get when you shop locally. A large home improvement chain doesn’t care if you finish your project this weekend, they want their money today. Valley Lumber does more than mix paint and cut board feet, they help get the job done.

Visitors Enjoy Local Eatery

Mrs. Charmie Weeks told me about all the out of town patients they get at Dr. Barry Week’s Dentistry. People travel from Pope, Pontotoc, Taylor, Coffeeville, Calhoun City, and more. She told me that Week’s office tell their patients things they can do while in Water Valley. “One couple always wants to make their appointments so when they leave here they can eat at Nallie’s Egg Roll before going back to Oxford,” Charmie said.

One last thing. The Junior Auxiliary has brought Missoula Theater back to Water Valley for a production of Robinson Crusoe. Tryouts were Monday. All 61 kids who auditioned got parts. It is quite amazing what the 2 Missoula Theater directors and that many kids are able to accomplish in one week. They learn their parts, direct and produce the show in a matter of days. Live music played by Miss Mary Hill will accompany the musical. This year the production will be on the stage of the civic auditorium, Saturday, October 25, at 5:30PM. Admission is $3 per person. “We want to thank all the parents who encouraged their kids to participate with Missoula Theater. Each year we do this, more children are given an opportunity in theater. Public school, private school and home school students are all represented in the cast. It is a wonderful way of bringing our community together.”- JA President, Audrey King.

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