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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    I didn’t get to attend Grayson Moore’s first birthday party Thursday night. Hate that I had to miss this festive occasion. I’d have  cut bridge, but I still  probably would not  have made it—It was my night to host and I’m sure Jimmie would have done me in had I left it all to her.     

    She’d already done the cleaning and setting up, along with a lot of the cooking. I went over after lunch and finished the food I was in charge of, even though I was battling dripping eyes and nose. For some reason my sinuses decided to act up big time Thursday morning. After Jimmie arrived home, she got me on medication and, even though I not yet completely well, I’m lots better.

    Didn’t have to visit Dr. Joe and I’m sure he appreciates that. I’m sure all doctors have more than enough patients from all the complaints I’ve heard of sinus infections, flu like symptoms and even pneumonia.

  Flu shots are being given at the health department this coming week and I’m sure they are available in doctors offices and at other places. I’ve only had one flu shot in my life and vowed I’d never take another. However, after having a serious repiratory ailment last year and the bout over the weekend, I’m seriously considering rethinking that vow.

  Mom and Jimmie take two shots (early and then in late December or early January) and Mom has not had a serious problem in years. Jimmie works in a doctor’s office, so she constantly in contact with the germs and occasionally has a problem—not nearly as serious as it would be if she had not been vaccinated.

  Let’s get our vaccinations and help relieve some of the pressure on our overworked medical staffs.


  Now back to bridge. Even though I was the hostess I played. Many club members were out, from illness, working, expecting a baby—all very good reasons. We had two tables, plus one. Jimmie thought I needed the practice, so she taught and I played. My score was better than usual, thanks mostly to first partner, Karen Martindale Lewis. She had phenomenal hands and I, for the most part, had two to five points. Did have one pretty good hand.

    However, my bad hands seemed to contain cards that she needed to make every hand. Jimmie had made some great soup, salads and desserts, and, as always, it was a great fellowship.      After the fog lifted, shortly before noon Friday, I came on home. Didn’t want to go to Mom’s just in case I had something contagious. Felt pretty good, so I rearranged a bedroom. Had put in a door, and in my postage stamp size rooms, if you change anything, it means moving everything to get a new working traffic flow. Had to close a closet door, place the bed at an angle, and then get the other furniture to fit around it. I’m not happy with it, but you can get into the bathroom, out the new door, out the hall door, and the other closet door will just barely open—way to many doors in one small room.

  Exhausted, I watched some TV. After tiring of the political assaults, I went to lighter viewing—an old movie. Airing on AMC was  Murphy’s Romance, staring James Garner and Sally Field. I like Garner. Jim used to tease his dad about having a rival—James Garner. It was a cute show and I was sure I’d never seen it before.


  Now to the political realm. Seems that most folks believe that the most important element in the upcoming elections is our economy. I disagree. If I lost all the money I have (and that’s not much) I’d still be much better off than a large percentage of the world’s population. We can all live on so much less than we think we require. I look out my window and I see enough squirrels to keep me fed for a long time—then there are deer, even ‘possums, rabbits, birds, and the list goes on and on. Berries are plentiful in the spring and I have lots of jars that I could fill. Land is quite fertile and I know how to grow veggies. Could feed several pigs with my table scraps and cattle could get sleek on the grass on my hills.

    Most of us are in the same position and if we have neighbors and friends who are not we can share. I could house comfortably another half dozen folks in my home—a lot more in conditions still better than millions in our world enjoy. We have an abundant supply of clean water, pretty good air, and our list goes on and on—now that’s a great economy in my book.


  I believe that if the economy of the U.S. is ever shaped up it will have to be done by all of us. We’re going to have to demand American-made products, and be willing to make do with what we had (as nearly as possibly) until plants come back home. Gas prices are coming down, but we still need to conserve this commodity as much as possible, so that we can live without depending on foreign oil. I travel very little, but even I could be a little more frugal with my gas usage.

  Another serious problem, as I see it, is the national debt.—it’s going to be our downfall if it’s not gotten under control. I know that there are many ways that the government could economize. One example I heard just this week. One of the government programs in the Valley needed expanding. The manager found that doing it by government guidelines would cost a fortune. He negotiated and got permission to come off those guidelines and did it for about a tenth of the projected cost. I’m persuaded that this is the case in many government programs. Now let’s hold those in control’s feet to the fire. Make them accountable for the expenditures—being sure that they use the most advantageous avenue for the project and I know that this is not always the cheapest. However, many times it is. Also many projects, programs, studies, etc. are being funded that are not necessary—especially if we can’t afford them.

  I could go on and on with my views for government, but let me get to what I think is most important—the security of our nation.

  The only thing that a president can directly control is the military—he can lead, suggest, and veto, in other areas, but the congress actually makes the calls. We need to put the best military man in the office of president. If we are not safe what good are super roads, full gas tanks, stocks and bonds, bank accounts. If we’re overrun by an enemy, all that will belong to them. We will be salves, with no rights, no assets, no anything.

  I urge each of you to pray long and  hard about whom to cast your vote for as president, and all the other offices being filled next Tuesday. Don’t vote for the most charismatic, the most handsome or beautiful, the youngest, oldest, and the list goes on—vote for the person God leads you to believe will be the best for the country.


  This cold weather caught me by surprise. I had to find turtle necks, jackets, etc. this morning. I also had to turn on the heater before getting into the shower.

  After seeing the weather news yesterday, I asked my carpenters (Bob Lee and Chuck Turner) to take in my plants. They did and I’m sure Jimmie is most appreciative, since she didn’t have to come help me do this chore last night. These two fellows are jewels—I’ve never ask them to do anything they have not taken care of and with a smile. I do appreciate them.

  Watched the weather this morning and it seems that after tomorrow temps are going right back up, but I think the frost this morning stopped most of our growing for the season. Took about ten minutes for my windshield to defrost.


  More Halloween events are scheduled for this week. At Woodland Hills we’re having a party for the children during Prayer Meeting time. I’m making Krispie Treats and this brought back one of my favorite memories—first time I made those things. Jimmie was making them for a horse show concession and was called away due to a death. When Ed and I arrived to look after William and Michael, she says, “You also have to make my Krispie Treats.” I’d never made them before and says, “I don’t know how!” “The recipe is on the box,” she yelled as she was out the door. In front of me was what looked like a hundred boxes and mountains of marshmallows. I read the directions, put Ed to measuring, William in charge of microwaving, I mixed and pressed into the pans, Jim cut them up and Michael bagged. We did it and without a single mess. Till this day though I do not like Krispie Critters. Didn’t seem to bother Ed and the boys—they continued to love them.

  Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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