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Street Talk

Trick Or Treaters: Follow These Rules For A Safe Halloween

By Susan Hart

    Want more TREATS than Tricks? Mayor Bill Norris and McGruff the Crime Dog have some tips for a safe and howling good Halloween:

    • Trick or Treat in your own neighborhood. Plan your route ahead of time with your parents.

    • Remember to bring your older brother or sister, or an adult you trust with you.

    • Keep a flashlight or glow stick with you so that you can find your way. It will also help you show off your costume.

    • Don’t eat your treats as you go. Instead, save them until you get home and your parents have had the chance to look through them.

    • Stop only at houses that have lights on.

    • Don’t go into a stranger’s house for any reason. If a stranger invites you in, say “no,” get away, and tell a trusted adult.

    Tips courtesy of the City of Water Valley and

Getting BOO-ed

    Susie Shopper asks, “Are you a BOO-er or a BOO-ee?” If you like to get things started, you’re a BOO-er. If you’ve been BOO-ed, you’re a BOO-ee. You know who you are. They’re popping up in a neighborhood near you: “We’ve been BOO-ed!” signs that fly from house to house. What’s behind it all?  It’s a Halloween take on “Secret Santa” or May baskets.

    Participants secretly leave small BOO gifts. Baskets or bags with a poem or note, instructions and a BOO sign are left on the doorstep of unsuspecting neighbors.

    In turn, the neighbor is asked to BOO two others, leading to a chain reaction and Halloween fun. The Velvet Glove is ready for you whether you’re a BOO-er or a BOO-ee. Just drop by and let the ladies help you with balloons, treat bags or other BOO friendly gifts. You can find more BOO ideas online and at

    Don’t let your Webkinz go without a costume this Halloween. For Susie Shopper readers, Carolyn’s Flowers and Gifts offers this special this week: when you buy a Webkinz toy at regular price, you can pick out its own costume for free! Owner Carolyn Byford is expecting a shipment of new Webkinz any day! They make perfect BOO gifts as well. Tie on a balloon, and you’re off!

    Queen of Halloween and owner of Lilly Bell’s boutique, Karen VanWinkle told me she has got a deal for Susie Shopper readers: half-off all clothing and costume jewelry this week!     

Need a last minute Halloween costume? Drop by Lilly Bells, and let Karen help you put together something spooky. Then preview all her treasures for the secret tag sale to come during Holiday Open House (see this week’s WVMSA ad).

    Take a stroll (or drive) along Main Street. Our little town is brimming with holiday spirit. Halloween, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way, and Water Valley offers everything you need to celebrate.

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