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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Gas prices in the Valley have become an issue again. Was asked, while delivering papers last week, what I had written about them. Told the inquirers that we had two excellent letters to the editor (from Joe Lowe and Rev. R. W. Moffett) in regard to this matter. I was encouraged to also address the matter. Well at the time, I had no personal information about the prices, although I knew that both of these men had their facts straight.

    Did go to Batesville on Saturday and, sure enough, the price on the pump was $2.159. Came in by Sprint Mart Monday morning and the price still read $2.379 (price when I filled up before leaving town early Saturday)—it has now shown a  substantial drop.

    Meant to call  Jimmie last night to see where their prices have gone, but forgot. Now, there is no reason for that much difference in price over just a 30-mile distance. I’m told that prices are even lower if you go toward Pontotoc.  Valley businesses I urge you to keep your gas prices in line with surrounding towns.


  Yalobushians do not have to travel great distances for a foliage trip this year. Coming from Mom’s late Saturday afternoon, the setting sun set the hills and hollows aglow. Traveling over in the morning, I was amazed at the intense colors—such a change in just a week. Then coming home I got the full effect and it was breath taking.

  Sunday afternoon we were sitting on the patio at Bill’s and Jimmie’s admiring a spectacular sweetgum tree. All the woods around their home were brightly colored. My hill is also very pretty, as are the roadsides of Hwy. 315 into town.

  Last Wednesday, while delivering papers, my favorite Maple out on Hwy. 32 was at the peak of its beauty—that’s one of the prettiest trees in the county (maybe anywhere).

  Betty Hill called Monday to tell me to drive by their house on my way home, to see the beauty there. Unfortunately it was well after dark before I left the office, but I plan to get by either today or tomorrow.

  I’d also like to drive down to Grenada and travel Old Highway 51 South to Duck Hill. Ed and I did this one especially colorful fall and this stretch of highway is a sight to behold when we luck up and get beautiful fall leaves.


  Talked to Jim yesterday and he reported that he was not coming Thanksgiving, but will see us early in the New Year. Was a bit disappointed, but as Mom says, that’s only a month and a half more and we’ll have fun when he gets here.We’ll also cook fried field corn (saved just for him), peas, cornbread and fried okra, along with all his favorite pies. Unfortunately, this visit will be after Celeste has to return to school (she a public school junior high band director) and we will miss her.


  Came  in just after seven this morning and stopped to vote—was number 18 at the Northwest Box. Usually Ed and I voted at the last moment (as I had contiued to do), sometimes evening being the last names on the poll book. I  joked with those working about  not knowing when to shut the polling down, without me coming by to close it out today. We do have a beautiful election day, weatherwise, so there is no reason for everyone not getting out and casting their votes. We probably won’t get much sleep tonight, waiting up to hear the results. One office visitors stated, “I hope it won’t be 37 days before we know who is president, like it was four years ago.” I’d forgotten how long it took.

  The voting seemed to be going very smoothly and I’m sure will continue to do so in our county. We do have a good voting system and great officials.


  Joe Gross just stopped by to tell me of the death of long-time friend, R. F. Rowsey, in Panola County. I know that he has many friends here, so thought I’d pass this along in case you have not heard.

  R. F. and his wife, Jeanette, have been so good to my Mom through the years, and I do love both of them, as well as their children, grands, and all the family. Sympathy is extended to all of you—will miss him.


  I know that Christmas is just around the corner, and you’d think it’s tomorrow by the store displays and all the advertisments. But let’s not just completely bypass one of my favorite holidays—Thanksgiving. We certainly do need to stop and give thanks for the many blessing we enjoy as citizens of the United States and more importantly for being free to worship as we choose.


  Was happy that Ole Miss won their game against Auburn Saturday. Was sorry that WV and State lost. However, the Blue Devils will head to post season play and Ole Miss will probably get a bid for one of the prestigious bowl games. Congratulations.

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