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So Long, Farewell And Good Riddance To The Beef Plant

The “beef plant” is no more…finished, by-by, end of the line, finis, terminated, closed, culminated, concluded, dead and gone.

Out with the old as a new era began Monday at the Oakland Industrial Site when Windsor Foods began training employees for a scheduled Nov. 17 start-up.

The only thing Windsor has to do with the beef plant is they bought the building that housed the former facility and turned it into a state-of-the-art frozen foods plant.

Yalobusha County is lucky to have a company of Windsor’s reputation. But, it is more than just luck that brought them here. The Yalobusha Board of Supervisors deserves a lot of credit for looking out for our county’s interests.

John Crow, attorney for the Board of Supervisors, took care of business from a legal standpoint. His due diligence from beginning to end got us through the tangled mess.

And, there are many others who worked behind the scenes to move us from being the punchline to a lot of bovine jokes to where we are today.

Maybe someday the real story of the failed beef processing plant will be told. Until then, we say good-bye and good riddance to the whole smelly mess.

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