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Betty’s Week

by Betty Shearer

Will share a few notes received with subscription renewals recently.

  Mary Nyberg of Doddsville sends holiday greetings to everyone in the Valley. She shares that she has been a subscriber for over 30 years.

  Julie Tubbs Putman of Madison says, “Sure enjoy keeping up with goings on in the Valley through the paper! It comes consistently on the same day each week.”

  From Charles Mays we hear: “I enjoy so much your articles. Just wish that the mail would get the paper to us here in Sherwood, Arkansas on time. Sometimes we get two papers at once and then maybe more two weeks later. Anyway we enjoy all the news from home. Love in Christ.”

  Margie Gill writes, “Thank you for mailing the weekly paper. I look forward to reading it and learning what is going on in WV. You do a great job in that department.”

  Mrs. Annie E. Hervey of Michigan City, Indiana, writes: “I’m not getting my papers. I only received one paper this month and only two last month.”

  We do apologize for the poor delivery of papers. We continue to put them in the Post Office every Wednesday morning and have no idea why they are not delivered in a more timely manner. Thank you all for continuing to subscribe.


  The extremely cold weather over the weekend got most of the outside plants. Noticed that the volunteer marigolds and petunias in the barrels at the old Herald Building were among the plants that didn’t survive and they had gotten so pretty. I had considered repotting them and bringing them inside—waited to late.

  Lucia came by Thursday and invited me to attend the Jazz Bands concert at Ole Miss that night. Sounded great—they always present an excellent program of music. I had already committed to play bridge. Lucia came in this morning (Monday) and reported that both the Mississippians and Collegians were great this year. The concert was presented in the Ford Center and that was a good move. These groups always command such a large audience that often there was not even standing room.

  Should have gone to hear this great music. My bridge game was a bit disappointing. Playing 15 hands, I had above five points only twice. A couple of hands I had one point. Food was delicious though and the fellowship in this group is always great. Our hostess was Glenda Deaton and she had a frozen cranberry salad and a chicken salad that were wonderful, along with lots of other good things. Didn’t take the low score though, since I had one partner who consistently got great hands—made an excellent score with no help from me. I did get a Bingo Prize, though.


  Had planned to come home Friday morning, but instead went to Mom’s to sit with her. Her regular sitter, Teddy Benner, was under the weather with a stomach bug. Jimmie had to take Brother to Memphis for a check up with his eye doctor. Bo had macular degeneration and is undergoing the shot-in-the-eye treatment.

    He thinks it is doing a great job—deteriation has stabilized and he even thinks he’s having some reversal. Saturday morning he went out to learn to shoot with his good eye (which is not his shooting eye). Coupled with a sore throat, the north wind put him in the bed with a tough respiratory ailment. He should have known better, but as we have always known, he’s a hardhead (that’s being kind—I usually tell him he’s stupid) and is going to do what he wants regardless of the consequences.

  Am sorry that they were unable to attend services, because we heard an excellent report from Southern Baptist Missionary Francis Horton, with Baptist Global Response. The Horton family are living in the Bethel Pastorium and Bro. Horton was accompanied by son Conner, who is a student at Water Valley High School. The Hortons have three other children, two at Ole Miss and one at Union University.

    Bro. Horton told about feeding folks around the world following disasters, about helping put down wells so some could have good water, of helping reclaim farming lands following mud slides, and helping with tutoring children, with learning problems, providing them with food, and then helping their mothers, learn to sew, ect., and the list just goes on.

    We do appreciate our missionaries. They give up the comfortable lives that most of us enjoy to go to areas of the world where they live without the many things we take for granted.  I know that other denominations and organizations have people who do the same thing and we also are thankful for them.


  Was sorry to hear of the death of Mike Samuels. I have not seen much of Mike in the last several years. Remember standing in line with him at Gas Mart following a Christmas parade. Mike had driven his antique car in the parade and I turned to tell him how much I like his vehicle.     He realized I didn’t know who he was and said, “Betty, you don’t know who I am, do you?”     

    Well, I didn’t pull a Ludie and try to bluff my way through it. I just said, “I haven’t got a clue.” He laughed and told me who he was.           We hugged and enjoyed visiting until we got checked out. Mike and sisters, Pam and Sue, are children of Quay and the late “Snow” Samuels. Ed and Snow played for many years in the Generation Gap, and I don’t remember when I didn’t know this family. Mike was a delightful person and he will be missed by me and lots of other Valley classmates and other friends. Sympathy is extend to Quay, Pam, Sue and all the family.


  Was also sorry to hear of the death of Cliff Rotenberry, who for many years owned and operated Rasputan’s. We’ve eaten many of his great hamburgers and often ate breakfast there on the weekends. Sympathy is extended to his family.


     I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Most of us will enjoy being with family and friends and we’ll probably eat way too much.

  I plan to go to Mom’s early Thursday morning and watch the parades—haven’t done this in a while. Cooked much of the meal Friday and Saturday, so I’d have time to sit in front of the TV.

  Here’s wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving day.

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