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Out On The Mudline

Trip To ER Brings Family Together After Foiled Plan

By W. P. Sissell

Surprise Trouble

After last week we thought Sunday would begin a peaceful week.   That turned out to be far from the case.  After a seemingly long and peaceful night, we slept a little late last Sunday morning. As soon as we hit the floor we, Nannette and I as usual, immediately began making up the bed.  I think the first words she uttered were, “Be still Bill, quit shaking and dancing.”  

Now this should have given both of us a clue about her trouble, but it did not for many years ago she had a long bout with inner ear trouble. When I suggested that I needed to call one of the children she immediately expressed opposition.   The opposition went on until along with her troubled vision and dizziness she became sick at her stomach.   

We got this overcome to some extent, and she agreed that I should call Shipp, our son, who lives just over the hill close by.  In the few minutes that it took for Shipp to arrive Nannette agreed to go to the Emergency Room in Oxford.

As we neared the Emergency Room Nannette’s condition seemed to worsen (Shipp and I agreed on this and began calling other members of the family while en route.)  In a very few minutes the young ladies on duty in the Emergency Room had her through “triage” and settled in a room.  

The Emergency Room Waiting Room

What do you do in the waiting room—you wait and wait and wait and follow the rules of the waiting room (primarily only two visitors at a time) and talk.  Talk to the family members and other people.   

On Saturday Nannette and I had talked at length about a Christmas gathering.  When we called daughter Susan,we found that the only day their daughter and husband, Louisa and Brian, would have off was Christmas Eve and Christmas day and most of Brian’s family live in the Jackson area.  When this came to light in the waiting room, amongst the family members, it was decided that Nannette had done everything she could to bring the reunion about, for almost everyone but Louisa and Brian were there in the waiting room.  They visited her two-by-two.

The Final Analysis
(we Hope)

Of course that last was in jest for we all love “Dee” and were concerned.  As I have implied we got to the emergency room shortly after arising on Sunday morning.  At around six o’clock the doctor returned after reading the charts, x-rays and Cat scan.   Nannette had been taking an antibiotic for a viral infection.      Sometimes (and the conditions were very favorable here) the antibiotic affects the structures in the ear.  This results in false and /or impossible interpretations being sent to the brain.  As I mentioned previously  Nannette was prostrated by inner ear trouble many years ago.  Incidentally, that sickness was my introduction to the teaching profession (I substituted for her and loved it).

At the conclusion of his explanation the doctor prescribed two additional medications along with directions for her to see our family doctor in about a week after which he released her.  We got home shortly afterwards.  In a short time daughter Nancy and her husband Gil arrived with the medication and our supper.  

Today, the Thursday afterwards, we have journeyed thru the fog to town and I think finished the Christmas shopping.  Nannette is feeling much better and we do thank all who were so concerned about her.  I might add that her long time friend Jean Sarsgard, of West Point (you many have known her as Mrs. Courtney Simpson or Imojean King) called Tuesday to thank her for a picture of their graduating class and identified almost everyone in that photograph. They talked for about an hour.   

Thank you for the compliments and interest and do have a merry Christmas.  You can reach me most of the time at 23541 Highway 6, Batesville, MS 38606 or 662-563-9879

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