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Out On The Mudline

Waiting For Lucile Allows Time For Visiting Friends

By W. P. Sissell

A Christmas Visit

  One day last week our niece, Lucile Hall, a resident of Fairfield here in Batesville, called to request that we take her to get her hair fixed for Christmas and tend to some other business around town. One of those “others” was a stop at WalMart. Nannette and I decided to sit on one of the “Waiting Benches” at the entrance while Cile tended to her business (she uses one of the electric shopping carts and it is slightly hard to keep up with her at times.)

  The parking lot was pretty well filled, and I had to find a parking place away from the entrance. After letting Nannette and Cile out at the door, I proceeded to the outer end of the parking before finding a space. I did remember to note the lane before leaving the car.

    When I got back to the “waiting benches,” Nannette had found a space on a bench already occupied by Mr. Sharp. When she introduced me to Mr. Sharp, he responded, telling me he was from Water Valley and he already knew me but that I didn’t know him. He proceeded to tell me that he read my column every week, and especially loved the ones about my army days. I’ve had that response a number of times.

    Most of the time I respond that I wouldn’t take any amount of money for those experiences, but would hate to have to go through them again. Incidentally, I am certain that all the members of our “gun crew” with the exception of Louis Danford and myself are gone (Lou, today, rather than a good number one man is a quite wealthy man).

  As Mr. Sharp and I talked a young woman, as she started past us exclaimed, “Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Sissell!!” She hugged both of us and told u that she was Nancy Calvert. Nancy was one of the many young people whom we taught while working in the Crowder School. She stopped for a short visit. Nancy is about to retire as a bank employee.

  As Nancy left another young lady wheeled her loaded cart to a stop by me—Mrs. Ruth Marett Bailey. Ruth and her husband, Van, spent a school year in my Chemistry classroom. I had known Ruth’s father many years before as a good friend of my father-in-law. As Ruth left I noticed Ann Pund Holland returning a basket to the storage hall. Ann is a long-time WalMart employee, but many years ago she, along with her futher husband, Robert Earl, were fine students when we taught at Crowder.

  At about that same time, a long-time friend stopped by, Betty Bowen Carroll. Betty, her husband, R. D., and I were a part of the faculty of Northwest Community College for a number of years. I first knew Betty thru her brother, David. David and I attended Mississippi State together in the late 40s, rooming across the hall from one another for several years.

  What a reunion we had in those few minutes. Nannette and I decided that someday, maybe on another Christmas shopping day, we will come and sit on one of those benches for an afternoon and see just how many friends we see in one afternoon.

  We do hope that all of you had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy New Year. Thanks for your support. You can reach me most of the time at 23541 Highway 6, Batesville, MS 38606, or (662) 563-9879.

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