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Your Input Is Needed For A Successful Charrette

By Susan Hart

Happy New Year, Water Valley! If you’re like me, you’re ready to get rid of that pesky, uninvited Holiday guest, “Not Me.” He seems to move right on in the first day of Christmas Break. Not Me leaves the lights on in rooms no one occupies. He scatters crumbs, peaks in wrapped presents, forgets to rinse his dinner plate. Occasionally, Not Me will even punch my kids when no one is looking. Not Me is so elusive, but he is responsible for calamity. Just ask my children. When something odd happens or a mess is made, I ask my kids who did it. The answer is always the same, “Not Me.”  I do not expect to hear that name for quite a while.

You may not always see when the mess was made or even when work is being done, but you see the result. In contrast, the Charrette Program next week gives a front row seat to a work being done to produce some great ideas for Water Valley.

Charrette (shur-Ret), French, a cart or chariot

Early architect students would begin a design on-site, drafting on a cart and then move along, working and making changes as they went back to the university to present the design.

To us, Charrette has the meaning: “an intense period of design activity.”

On Monday, January 12, 6 p.m. the Charrette Planning Team will begin their three day stay in Water Valley. The group of experts in fields of architecture, landscape, urban planning, and more, will get to know Water Valley by hosting a town hall meeting in the second floor courtroom of the Water Valley courthouse. The input of the residents of Water Valley will insure a successful Charrette. All residents are encouraged to participate by offering ideas and suggestions at the public meeting.

Information gathered by the town hall meeting, along with maps, interviews, and on-site tours, will be used to design possibilities  for Water Valley’s future. The design work will begin on Monday and continue until Wednesday, right up until it is presented to the public in the courtroom at 6 p.m.

Water Valley was chosen from 14 counties selected for the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) grant funding and West Alabama-East Mississippi WIRED initiative. At a worth of $30,000 the Charrette Program is free to Water Valley as a Mississippi Main Street Community.

You may contact the WVMSA office if you have suggestions or ideas, but are unable to attend the Charrette meeting.

PO Box 104
Water Valley, MS 38965

473-6767, 473-3796


It seems that someone has forgotten to take out the office trash, left the supply closet light on, and spilled some coffee. This time, I know exactly who it is…Not Me!

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