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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

My kind of snow fell last Tuesday. Periodically we saw very heavy snow fall, landing on the streets and sidewalks, but none lasted. There was a little build-up on vehicles. It was pretty falling, but I’m glad there was no accumulation—I don’t like the stuff. Snowmen, snow ice cream, sledding, etc. just don’t interest me. I’d take 80 to 90 degrees, mostly bright sunshine, with some cold lemonade and regular ice cream twelve months a year.


    Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, were spent getting file copies packed away, sending copies of the paper to the binding company so we’ll have a 2008 bound file, and starting to fill the shelves with 2009 extra copies. File room looks very orderly right now, but just wait a few weeks and I’ll have it junked up again. I resolve every year to place copies on the shelves each week, but it hasn’t happened yet—doubt that it will in 2009.

    Another year end chore was also accomplished—completing W-2s and the W-3 Transmittal Form. That just about finished the paper work for ‘08, except for tax reports due March 15th and April 15th.


    Took a couple hours off Friday to run over to Batesville to pick up an item that Bob and Bill needed to get my house air  and insect proofed. Called Jimmie and she agreed to meet me. We thought we’d find the supplies and then get in a little shopping and eat lunch. Wrong! Plans got drastically altered. Crossing 6, going to Wal-Mart (she needed some things), the van oil light came on.

    After purchasing the things she needed, Jimmie checked my oil and found it about half way between minimum and maximum. A gentleman, who’d parked next to us said it would be alright to run it home. Jimmie also called Bill and he concurred, so I left the parking lot, headed down Highway 6 and got about two miles from the Water Valley Exit—van just died.

    Got out my cell phone, tried to call Jimmie and the thing says, “No service”. Well, Bill’s niece, Joanna’s business is at the intersection of 6 and 315, so I hopped out, intending to walk there and use her phone. Didn’t get more than a hundred yards, when a pick-up stopped, backed up a ways, and the driver got out and came towards me. He asked if he could give me a ride somewhere or if he could call someone for me. I told him that my phone had no service, but he went back to his truck, got his phone and it had plenty of service bars. We called Jimmie. She had gotten back to Pope, but assured me she’d be right back. My guardian angel, Bradley Brown from Charleston, offered to stay with me, but I sent him on his way with much appreciation. When I told him who I was and where I was from, he says, “My wife’s grandmother was from Water Valley.” She was the late Mrs. Charley Ritter, who donated land for our first baseball field. It is a small world and I’m so glad there are still some great people living in it.

  I had the best place to have vehicle problems—a very wide shoulder, so I got the van way off the highway, then Mr. Brown was right there to assist, and Jimmie and Bill were back in just a few minutes. My problems do get worse though, van diagnoses is serious, probably the motor.

  Saturday, Jimmie and I went phone shopping. Got a cute little instrument, fairly simple to use. I never leave my phone on, so when the young lady waiting on me started to show me how to operate, Jimmie says, “Don’t show her how to turn it off!” I now have a phone that is own 24 hours a day, however I will not answer it if I’m driving. Told her is she needs me she’ll have to wait until I’m parked.

  I’m driving her car and it’s all automatic. Don’t have to turn on lights, windshield wipers come on if moisture is in the air, the temperature is set at 72 degrees and the list just goes on and on. I really might get addicted to all this luxury.


  My house has been infested with wasp and other bugs for years. Bob and Bill Lee have been working to stop up all their entrances. They caulked all windows and doors, reset stops and put on weather seals. In doing this though, they’d really stirred up the wasp. I been stung each morning for the past three and I’m about ready for these pest to all be gone. Could be worse though, I could be allergic to them. Their sting feels like a pin prick and then it goes away—no pain or even swelling.


  Sunday we enjoyed leftovers from Brother Bo’s and Niece Misty’s Birthday Party. It was great—grilled elk, caribou, deer fixed every way, and tenderloin for the non game eaters. Both their birthdays were today (Monday)—Misty’s 30th and Bo’s 67th. Youngest Brother Don will celebrate his 55th on Friday.


  Our weather prediction is not very stable at this time. Weatherman says we could get some frozen precipitation on Wednesday night or Thursday. Sure hope not. However, north of us the prediction of frozen stuff is pretty definite. Do sympathize with all those who have to endure these conditions.

  I’m ready for spring and so is Cathy Odom—we discuss this most every morning. I want it more for Cathy than for me—she has to be out in the cold. I can at least stay inside in a warm office.

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