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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Several folks still have not gotten the message that I have a new van. My vehicle is still silver, but the new one is a 2008 Chevrolet. The old one was a 2000 Chrysler Town and Country. Some things about the new van I like better—it runs, stops, has much better lights, and will have an air conditioner when the weather warms up.

    Last Wednesday Jim called just to check-up on me and to make sure we’d gotten out a paper.  He had received the paper, telling about my having to buy a new cell phone.      

    “Does it work good?” I had to answer that I didn’t know, because so far the phone has not rung and I keep forgetting to give it a test as I’m driving across the Pope/WV Road. He says, “Well, where is it, because I just called you on it and didn’t get an answer.”     

    Had to fess up to it being in the van. We’d had a church function on Tuesday night and rather than chancing it ringing in church, I just pulled it out of my purse and threw in on the seat.

  We continued to talk about the phone and he asked, “What model is it?” Mentioning model, my mind went immediately to the new van—which he did not even know about. I says, “I don’t know about models, but it’s a Chevrolet.” Jim hesitated a few seconds, seeming a bit puzzled, and then exclaimed, “I didn’t know Chevrolet made phones.”

    “The phone’s not a Chevrolet, the van is,” I barked.

    “You bought a new van?” came from my puzzled kid. Went on to tell him I sure did, almost all by myself. Sister Jimmie drove me up and Bill came to test drive it before I signed all those papers.  I really think Jim was proud of me.


    Tuesday night, Woodland Hills hosted one of the prayer meetings for the upcoming Y-Fest to be held March 6 and 7 in the Multi-Purpose Building. Even though the weather was frigid, we had pretty good attendance. Lane True, Chairman of the Y-Fest Committee, officiated the service, and Bro. Truman Scarbrough, Yalobusha Associational  Director, gave the devotion.


  Wednesday, I found another feature that the new van doesn’t have that the old one did—heated seats. It was 15 degrees early Wednesday and I missed my heat.

  Got out to Sylva Rena Grocery and found Snooky and Harold Williams, along with many others of the Wednesday morning breakfast club.     

    Snooky was teasing me about the new van. Says, “I see you park the new van in front of the new building, not down in front of Bobby’s buildings that are about to fall.” For some time he’d been on my case about trying to get the building to fall on the van so I could collect insurance.

    “Well,” I says, “hard as I tried,  it didn’t work and so since the building would not fall on the old vehicle, I decided to move the new one to safer territory—I don’t want to have to look for another one.” And if I hadn’t the new one probably would have been covered in rubble immediately. I’d have been a lot better off if I could have collected insurance on the old vehicle—got a whole $800 as a trade-in. Snooky could have helped a little—used a bulldozer, bomb, etc.—since he’s no longer carrying my insurance. Just can’t depend on friends anymore!


  Former Vallians are always interested in what the weather is like here. I rarely answer a phone call from one of our out-of-towners that doesn’t begin, “What’s the weather like there?” Well, during the last week we’ve had the coldest day of this winter and the hottest. As reported last Wednesday morning was 15 or less and yesterday (Monday) it was into the mid 70’s and it was bright and clear. Now, here it is Tuesday morning, and the temps are still high, but prediction is for maybe strong thunderstorms. Also, the wind has been more like March than February.


  Went home early to get ready for the Woodland Hills Valentine Party. This was a delightful affair, with almost a 100 folks in attendance.

    Crowned Valentine Queen and King were Betty and Ed Hill. It took a while to get this done, as the Hills had the days mixed up—they thought the banquet was being held on Sunday night. Betty and Ed are never late, so at about 6:15 Becky York decided she better check on them—the honor was to be a surprise and it was.

   Becky assured them that they needed to come even if they were not dressed and were going to be late. Arriving they were seated at the head table and then Daughter Malinda came out to sing—wish I’d had a camera to have recorded the look on their faces.

  More surprised looks were seen as contestants in the Woodland Hills Newly Wed Game gave answers—there were also some word and licks passed. Bro. Ken thought he just might have to begin a marriage counseling session, called that off because after a few of his and Shelly’s answers, he realized he and Shelly might need to be in the group needing counseling.


  Friday morning I received word that long-time friend, Fran Kirkpatrick, had died. Fran is the wife of a former WV School band director (in the late ‘50 and early 60’s). Fran and Kirk came back into our area and have been residents in the WV Boatlanding Area for many years now, serving in the Coffeeville and Charleston School Systems.

    Fran for several years was the accompanist for the Missoula Players presentation—she was a very accomplished pianist. Both Kirkpatricks had retired from teaching. Sympathy is extended to Kirk in his loss and all of us who knew Fran will also miss her.

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