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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    A very short note from subscriber Alice Tyler in Baton Rouge, Louisiana simply states, “Delivery is better!” We’re always delighted to get this news. Thanks for subscribing and for the good news Mrs. Tyler.


  I was able to attend yet another FUM Lenten Luncheon on Thursday. As always the food was excellent—delicious sandwiches, chips, luscious deserts and tea, which was so good on the warm day.

  Mim Carpenter, soloist, presented another very timely and touching prayer. She has a beautiful voice and I was glad to finally get to hear her solo. Already knew she was a valuable addition to the alto section of the choir.

  Bro. David Freeman, First Christian Minister, brought the message and it was tremendous. With his subject being our Savior, and his mission on the Cross, he referred to Mel Gibson’s Movie, “Passion of the Cross”, which I’ve never seen. I’m going to rectify that error in the near future. Bro. David says the movie was rated “R” because of the horrendous cruelty of this event. He went on to share what many “R’s”  could have reminded us of.

    Wish I’d had a tape recorder, because my mind will not retain all that I heard and I would have enjoyed sharing it with those of you who were not privileged to hear this sermon. Bro. David is also very witty and even with such a serious subject was able to lighten the hour. He sorta picked on his wife, Mary, and Bro. Barry Dickerson, host pastor, but they took it like troopers.

  When telling him how much I appreciated him delivering this fine message from God, I remarked, “I think this is the first time I’ve heard you preach.” Bro. David thought I’d heard him in his early days in the Valley as he preached at a community sunrise service. Thinking on this, I sure he is right—we didn’t miss many.

  Thanks, again, to Bro. Barry and the First UM Family, Bro. David, and Mim for a wonderful worship experience.

  This week’s speaker will be former FUM pastor, Rev. Billy Ray Stonestreet, and presenting the music will be Shirley Berry of First Baptist. Everyone is cordially invited to attend these services. Hope I can make this one.


  Niece Misty and fiancee, Trea Wright, will be married in the Herron Home at Oakland the last of June. Misty had made an appointment for Friday morning so that Jimmie and I could see the home—we’re in charge of the reception.

  It was so good to meet Flora and Sam Vance, owners, who have restored this home. They have done a wonderful job and it was so much fun to see all that they have accomplished. The home has five bedrooms and baths, with much of the home original.

    Furnishings, many antique and some reproduction, have been selected to preserve the era of the home. Bathrooms had to be carved into each bedroom and they did it so beautifully, taking just a bit from the large rooms. Even though the baths are small, they’re so artistically arranged that you really don’t feel squeezed.

     Rooms are all themed and I especially enjoyed a couple—the aeronautical (Ed loved airplanes and taught me to, also) and the Tara. Enjoyed visiting with this lovely couple, seeing this home and all the antiques. Told them they’d better not turn their backs or they might be missing a few pieces.

  Can’t wait to decorate this wonderful old home, even though it was beautifully decorated (lovely camillas from the yard were everywhere) when we were there Friday.

  If you need a place to have an event I can highly recommend the Herron Home and its owners, Flora and Sam.


  After our visit to the Herron Home, Jimmie and I shopped at Lindley’s Antique Mall. Here we met manager Joyce Courtney, who is such a nice person and very helpful. Joyce says they have 35 vendors. The mall is well arranged—flows from one stall to the next. The aisles are wide and all the merchandise is excellent. We dropped a few bucks here and were really pleased with our purchases. If you have not visited this Yalobusha treasure, I recommend you do so—if you like antiques.

  After shopping we were starved, so we went next door to the restaurant and enjoyed barbecue plates. We both had pulled pork sandwiches with baked beans, and cole slaw—I choose potato salad and Jimmie the fries (stole one and it was like Mama used to make)—all the food was delicious. We split a fried apple pie—yum! yum!—then moaned and groaned all afternoon because we had eaten way to much.

  Back in the antique mall, Joyce’s husband helped us load. He asked what we eaten. He cooks the barbecue and said we should have had his ribs, because they’re better. We plan a return trip to eat ribs, and know we’ll suffer if they are any better than what we ate. They also had a fish plate that looked great. Maybe we’ll have to have several trips back to this restaurant.


  Made several trips across the Pope/WV Road over the weekend and each time I think it got prettier. I’ve never seen the Red Buds as pretty as they are this year and they’re everywhere. Also the Bridal Wreath Spirea is so full and pretty. All the fruit trees are blooming and much of the forsythia is hanging on. The dogwoods are about to pop open—wonder if they’re going to make it until Easter. I’ve never seen them fail to be in bloom, so I’m sure they will.

  On Saturday I was tired from Fridays events, so I slept in for an hour or so. Then enjoyed visiting with several folks while I was shopping in Larsons, making it pretty late when I arrived at Mom’s. Found her all alone, so I scouted the freezer for something I could just warm up. Found chicken spaghetti, pinto beans, and sweet potatoes. Made some hot cornbread, tea, and fried some okra to complete our lunch. She liked it!

  Saturday was an absolutely perfect spring day, so after lunch I took Little Bit out for a walk—a long walk. We did enjoy the outdoors.


    Sunday night we had our fifth Sunday night hymn sing a week early. We always enjoy singing. Following this service we had a finger food fellowship and there was some delicious food. I consumed my fair share of it and I think most everyone else did also.

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