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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    For the past two weeks in the Crow Lawn Care & Property Maintenance Ad on the Classified Page we have had the wrong prefix on the telephone number. The number should have read (662) 588-3045. We apologize to Owner Bennett Crow for this error. The ad has been corrected in this week’s edition. Bennett specializes in all aspects of commercial and residential lawn care. If you need his services give him a call at (662) 588-3045. Again, we express our apology for this error.


    The above error was made by the advertising department. Now I have to appolize for one that I made. In the story about Moe Bell, DSU outstanding basketball player, I gave her a new father. Moe is the daughter of Tim Bell of Madison, Mississippi and not Jeff. Jeff, of course, is her proud uncle. I’ve know these men since they were babes and certainly knew who Moe’s father was, but with just one of those mental laps typed in the wrong son. Tim and Jeff are sons of Barbara Newman and Larry Bell.


    Barbara Clyatt was in last week to place an ad for her business, The Thrift Shop, located on Blackmur Drive. Her mother, Jo Barfield, also works in the store. I have not yet gotten over for a visit, but have talked to several folks who have and the report is that it’s a fun place to browse. I’m sure I’ll find some things that just beg me to take them home.

    Barbara grew up in Memphis in what we called the good days (when that city was quiet, safe and beautiful).


    Didn’t get to the Methodist Lenten Luncheon on Thursday, but heard it was really enjoyable. Was looking forward to hearing Bro. Billy Ray Stonestreet preach again and it’s always a pleasure to hear Shirley Berry sing.

    This week I’m looking forward to hearing Rev. Barry Dickerson, pastor of FUM, speak, and listening to one of my favorite vocalist, Robby Parsons. This is the final Lenten Luncheon of the year and it will begin at shortly before noon on Thursday. Didn’t hear the menu, but all Methodist food is delicious. If you can attend, come on out, you’re welcome and you’ll receive a blessing.


    Left work at noon on Friday, threw clothes into the van and headed for Panola County. Going over I was amazed at nature’s show—Dogwoods were in full bloom and I think every wisteria vine was blooming.         In the afternoon Jimmie and I did some shopping for Mom and I found that the City of Batesville had taken down all those beautiful Bradford Pears in the median of Highway 6. Jimmie says they plan to put in crepe myrtle. Shame on them—I loved seeing those pears in the spring. I know crepe myrtle will bloom all summer and I’ll learn to love them also.

    Got home just in time to jump into clothes and head for Sardis where we attended the first performance of “Steele Magnolias”. Niece Misty had the part of Annelle and she gave a wonderful performance. The other five women in this cast were all outstanding actresses. If you missed it, there are four more presentations—Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, beginning at 7:30 p.m. and then on Sunday afternoon. Call the Playhouse to reserve tickets.

    We got to meet Misty’s financee, Trey Wright’s, family—his mother Renae Wright of Oxford, grands, Mary and Charles Clark, aunt and uncle, Teresa and Tom Dunn, all of Bruce. Mr. and Mrs. Clark lived in the Valley for several years, living in a house owned by Jo (Mrs. Jim) Peacock’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clay Taylor. Mr. Clark worked at Rice-Stix in the shipping department for several years and Mrs. Clark worked for Parker’s Ben Franklin and she asked about Mr. and Mrs. Parker. Renae, who is now a nurse practioner, worked for a home health service years ago and knew Ima Jones, who was then our Health Department Nurse. Tom, who works for the post office, and Teresa, who is employed by the school district, live on Highway 330 towards Coffeeville.


    Meme Childress Bolen was in yesterday (Monday) to put a birthday greeting in for her 21 year-old son. I said, “Can’t be, you shouldn’t be 21!” However I know she is because she’s a year older than Jim and he’ll turn 45 on Sunday. Jim was born early Sunday morning, April 5, 1964, in Dr. Spears’ Clinic—present office of Dr. Barry Weeks.

    The reason I know Meme’s age is because Jim spent the first few months in her basinette, which she’d just outgrown. We visited Mary Lou and Tom when Jim was about two weeks old, and were carrying him around in a clothes basket. Mary Lou says, “Let’s swap!” and she brought out the Childress children’s basinette, which Jim used until he out grew it.

    Happy birthday to all these folks.


    Jim rarely gets a birthday present from me. I rush out, buy a card, and stick in a check for him to go out for a birthday celebration. Purchasing a card was at the top of my “to do” list Monday morning. Checking the notes on my desk, I found that getting the proper card had been taken care of by friends Becky and Stan Crow. It’s perfect—a couple of mice, one playing a sax and the other a French Horn.         Two of Jim’s favorite instruments, being played by two of his favorite people—his wife and his dad.  Looks like the mice are playing on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. The card read, “Happy Birthday and all that JAZZ.” Jazz is his favorite music form and then I stick in a check to take care of his favorite passtime—eating. Love of food he gets from his Mom. Can a birthday greeting get any better?         Do have a good one (can’t believe it’s been 45 years) and hope to see you soon.

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