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Betty’s Week

    Forgot the papers for Sylva Rena Grocery last Wednesday morning. I  load all other papers and then, before delivering the store and rack copies, I have to quarter-fold the issues that go on the counter at Sylva Rena due to the limited counter space. I finished this chore and, after visiting with a couple of customers, was running late, so I just picked up my keys, jumped in the van  and off I went without loading Sylva Rena’s papers.

      Put papers in the racks, delivered Sprint Mart, Larson’s, Tobacco World, the hospital, Water Valley Gas Mart, and then enjoyed the beautiful drive out to Sylva Rena Grocery. Hopped out, opened the proper door to get their papers out and to my surprise, the seat was empty.  The light bulb came on—I remembered that they were still neatly folded and stacked on the front counter at the Herald Office. Stuck my head in the door, waved to all my friends who gather there for breakfast on Wednesday mornings, yelled to Gene that I’d forgotten his papers and I’d be right back.

    When I returned no one kidded me—thought I’d gotten away with my foul-up.  No way! An hour or so later, when I was safely back at work, here comes Snooky Williams. I expected some wise crack. Didn’t happen. Snooky simply says, “Do you have a post-it I can borrow.” Sure did and produced it. Jack even went back and got some of his specialty post-its. Snooky then says, “I also need a pen. Need to write a note, ‘remember papers next Wednesday’ and stick in on your hand!” He must have been appointed to point out the error of my ways earlier in the day. Bet I won’t forget Sylva Rena Grocery’s papers again and I’m sure I’ll never live down forgetting them the first time. Snooky, thanks for being my friend and for seeing that I have some really memorable days.


  Got to set some of the biographies for the upcoming Women in Business Section. You’re going to enjoy reading about all these outstanding women who are part of the business world in the Valley. If you’d like an ad in this section, call us and we’ll fix you up.

  Another special section that is just around the corner is our Senior Section. This is a long-time feature of the paper and one that everyone seems to enjoy. I’ll be selling the ads for it and I know we have several new businesses. Have a list of former advertisers, but it’s hard to remember all the new comers.  I’ll try to contact all of you, but if you’d like just give me a call and I’ll make sure you get to sponsor this exciting section. For you newcomers, this section contains a picture and bio of as many of the seniors as share their information.

  Your ads in this section continue to benefit you for years and years (many still around after the business is closed). I’ve had graduates of 20-30 years tell me that they still enjoy their senior section. Have to admit that one of my favorite reading pastimes is to pull out our bound files, find the senior sections, and read about these young people who are now pillars of the Valley or other cities.


  Little Bit, Mom’s little poodle, had not been to the groomer since last fall. He was a shaggy little critter and when I took him into Watkins Grooming. I told them he was in awful condition. Mr. Watkins says, “I’ve seen much worse.” He gave him his summer clip and it’s amazing how this energizes this little fellow. He strutted around, thinking he was just cute as a peacock. He looked lots better and I know he felt better. Promised not to let him go so long again, but I probably will. We all just stay too busy and don’t get done some of the things we really need to attend to.

  While we were waiting for Little Bit, Jimmie and I shopped—didn’t really intend to buy anything. Found some really cute summer PJs and since Mom needed replacements, I bought her spring green lounging PJ’s. She loved them—sent us back on Saturday for more. I found three more pair and told her they were here Mother’s Day gift and not to ask for anything else. She takes our kidding really well, smiled and says, “okay.” After shopping, we enjoyed one of the new Torpedo sandwiches at Quiznos (Mark Larsons Deli). It was great. Didn’t get to see Mark (one of my favorite kids), though.


  Grocery shopped Saturday morning and then went over to Mom’s to get lunch on the table and also cook Sunday’s lunch. As usual, I was running my mouth and not my brain, when the checker told me the amount of my bill. I heard $76. 61 and filled in my check. She returned my receipt with a $20 bill. Thought Don and his staff must really be doing great if they were giving $20 rebates and said so.     

    My bagger says, “Think I’ll get in that line.” You guessed it, My bill was only $56.61 and she had given me my change. I do sometimes use Larsons for my south end branch bank. Don was standing nearby and we had a good laugh—I am occasionally good for injecting humor into a day.

  Another exciting thing at Larsons on Saturday was discovering the green bags. I really like them. I bought two and using them, I only took away a couple of plastic bags. Plan to purchase two more this Saturday. You use these bags and each time you go to the store you just take them along for reuse. The handles are sturdy, don’t cut your hands if they’re heavy, and they hold a lot. I like having to make on a couple of trips to get my groceries into the house. You did good, Don. By the way they’re only a buck each.


  Apparently I’ve falling down on my job of telling what I’m cooking and eating. Well this week I made ham and dumplings, steamed cabbage and cornbread for Saturday lunch and then on Sunday, I turned the leftover cornbread into dressing. Jimmie baked a chicken to go with it and also made sweet potato casserole. I cooked peas and turnip greens and strawberry shortcake and banana pudding for dessert. To go with the peas, my friend, Robert Montgomery, had given Jimmie and me more of his red tomato relish—a jar of hot and one of mild. This boy can cook and we are enjoying it.


    Yalobusha Baptist Association has bi-annual meetings (spring and fall) each year. Monday night the spring session was held in O’Tuckolofa Baptist Church. Miss Etta Hodnett was one of our messengers and I filled in for her. Was a great gathering. I rode with Betty and Ed Hill, our other messengers, and enjoyed visiting with them. Rick Peeples was in charge of the music. He has a beautiful voice, presented special music, and also directed the congregational singing. Rev. John Tolbert, pastor of Pine Grove, brought the message, which was very timely and well delivered. Was my first time to hear him. A counselor, Dr. Tolbert is a bi-vocational pastor and an impressive man of God.     

    He is a resident of Water Valley. Was sorry to hear that he’d just lost his mother-in-law, but came on to preach for us anyway. Says his father-in-law, told him he knew what she would have wanted—your first obligation is to preach the Word—and he did. Bro. James Edwards is the association moderator and as always did an excellent job. Bro. James, quite the wit, in pretending to look for host pastor. Dan Dickerson, says, “Oh now I see him, couldn’t before because he was sitting sideways.” For you who have not noticed Bro. Dan has been on a diet and has lost a tremendous amount of weight—he looks great.

  It’s always great to visit with so many friends that I rarely see. We all are busy with our own churches and just don’t get to visit with members of the other churches in our area. Baptist gather—we eat—and this was no exception Monday night. The food was delicious and so plentiful. Thank, Bro. Dan and members of the church, for hosting this delightful, informative, and spiritually uplifting event.

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