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Fun And Games A Big Part Of May 9 Market Fest

By Mickey Howley

Last week Ramona Bernard and I with some advice from Jessie Gurner put together a packet of information about last year’s Founder’s Day Festival. We went through the files and found the newspaper articles, press releases, festival agenda, photos, and the Herald special edition for the sesquicentennial and all kinds of documents pertaining to the event. Then we made five sets of copies, digitized everything, plus burned everything to a CD and sent all that off to Mississippi Main Street headquarters in Jackson.

Why? The short answer is because the regional director for the area, Sam Agnew, who is based out of Tupelo, thought Founder’s Day was worth documenting and perhaps using as an example for other Main Street towns. Now, that whole thing about being used as an example can be double sided. They could say here is an example of what you definitely do not want to do. But I don’t think that is the case for us.

Every day I’m talking to people about the May 9th Main Street Market Festival.  It will not be exactly like Founder’s Day, as I hope the town would like to see something a bit different each year. For example, last year for Founder’s Day we had a travelling history exhibit made by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History depicting the archeology of Hernando Desoto’s expedition across the state. A very nice, lovely to look at exhibit. I think fifteen people saw it and ten of them I had to drag in off the sidewalk. So this festival, no history exhibits. This Festival will be similar in a number of aspects, however, to Founder’s Day. We are going to have some good music and we are going to have some games.

Last year, I ended up helping with the games; the sack race, the three legged race, the egg and spoon race, horseshoes and so forth. When I volunteered to help, I thought it would be something I would just suffer through, to help in the general effort. Let me tell you I was wrong, it was the best time I had the entire day. That sack race was just funny, the kids were great sports, everybody was super enthused, and it was just infectious. The reporters from the local papers interviewed the winners like they were big time athletes. I know the kids loved it and I had a much unexpected blast. So plan on watching or better yet, participating in the games again.

The Herald has again this week some of the candidates responses to local issues. I find the responses interesting for what they say (and don’t say, too) and a way better read than campaign material. Please read the responses and don’t hesitate to ask the candidates questions if you see them out campaigning or if they knock on your door.

Last week’s poll had 63 percent of the respondents saying they think the mayor’s job should be full time with a full time salary. I’m pretty sure the job already is a full time one, just the salary is not full time pay.  The response that came in last, although with a sizable 18 percent, was the group that thought nothing will ever change.

Visit  and take this week’s poll on what festival games you like the best.

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