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Water Safety Is Top Priority At Enid Lake

    With over 21,000 acres of surface water, water safety is top priority at Enid Lake as a trip to the lake provides numerous opportunities for recreational boaters, anglers, and water sport enthusiasts.

    Enid Lake Personnel would like to remind all lake visitors to practice water safety this summer and follow all boating rules and regulations while engaging in your favorite water sport.

    A few safety tips one might keep in mind while boating are to make sure everyone on board a vessel is wearing a U.S. Coast Guard approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD), the vessels capacity plate has been checked to make sure it is not overloaded, and all other required safety equipment is on board and working properly.  

    Safety tips for swimmers include: always swim in a designated swimming area, never swim alone, always have adult supervision for children, and most importantly, always wear a U.S Coast Guard approved Personal Floatation Device that properly fits while playing in or near water if you cannot swim. Life jackets are also required to be worn for anyone swimming outside designated areas, according to new regulations, which take effect on Enid, Grenada, Sardis, and Arkabutla Lakes beginning May 22.

    Many tragic accidents happen every year on beaches, in pools, and while boating.

    Many of these accidents could be prevented if individuals would just take the time to think about what they are doing, and if they would stop, and take the time to educate, and be good role models for their children. Before planning your next trip, stop and think about ways you can make your next outing a safe and enjoyable adventure.

    Lake officials would like to remind all visitors that they will be conducting water safety saturation exercises on May 16-17. Enid Lake Personnel will be partnering with numerous U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Rangers from Arkansas and Mississippi to increase water safety awareness to all lake visitors.

    Rangers will be stationed at all boat ramps, beaches, campgrounds, and other recreation areas promoting water safety initiatives through courtesy boat checks, beach demonstrations, and other water safety programs.

    For more information on boating, swimming, or life jacket requirements please contact the Enid Lake Field Office at (662) 563-4571 or visit our website at

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