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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Building or remodeling is always exciting for me. At the present, Woodland Hills has begun the process of completing the sanctuary phase of our building. The men are nailing up 2x4s to  hang sheetrock on, pews are being selected, carpet, lighting, and other decisions will be made soon. Just can’t wait to get to church each Sunday and Wednesday to see what else has been accomplished.

    Work is also still in progress at my house. Chad is out today and I had him a list of “to dos.” He is so fast that he was completing the chores as I was instructing him. First on the list was a lizard removal. I’m sure this little critter came in the front door while I was loading the van to go over to Mom’s. I put down sticky boards and caught him, but I was not about to take it outside. Had Chad not been coming on Monday, Brothers Bo and Rance would have had to come over on Sunday to do that job. Chad used a lot of my brick pile while putting down the floor and also trimmed up my holly bushes. He thinks that may shrink my lizard population.—sure hope so.

    Hunter Moore, and Grandmother Viola, were in the parking lot at Piggly Wiggly a week or so ago at he same time I was. He says, “B. B. I hear you have lizards at your house.”  Told him that I sure did and I didn’t like them. He says, “I have crickets at my house.” I offered to trade him lizards for crickets and I think he liked the offer—don’t know about Mom Kelli. They don’t bother Chad, and probably would not phase Grayson, but I’m sure Kelli likes them about as much as I do.

    Chad has the sunroom floor down, is working on steps, and floor trim and with fans hung, it will be a completed  room. Then I can junk it up.


    Saw Elizabeth Edwards, wife of John Edwards, on the Today Show one day last week. She is an amazing woman. She lost a son in an automobile accident at age 17, stood by husband John through all the moral scandal, and has been battling cancer for many years. Her answer, when asked about her husband’s indiscretion, was, “You don’t through out 30 years of a good marriage for one moment of poor judgement.”

    She went on to say that when we take our marriage vows we say for better or worse, and that she’d taken the better and now she was going to make the best of the worst. I’m sure she has a loving, supportive husband again. I want to get a copy of her book and see what else she has to say.


    The roadsides were beautiful this weekend. The Dorothy Perkin roses were in full bloom and on the Pope/Water Valley Road, much of the embankments were covered and in many places the roses have climbed up into the trees. Also in full bloom is Mr. Frank’s (Tucker) red clover.     Not only is it on the roadsides, but it’s now in many pastures. Also blooming are the Southern Magnolias—one of my favorite blossoms. I have a tree in the yard—been there for almost 20 years—and it still has not had a bloom. It stayed about two feet high for ten years, then decided to grow slowly and has reached a height of about 20 feet. It’s pretty but has no blooms.

    J. C. Womble put a Lantana in my yard a few weeks ago, making good on a promise. He plopped the thing down in a pile of dirt by my front walkway. I noticed the plant one night when I got home, thought, wow that weed sure has sprung up in a hurry—weeds do great on my hill. Next morning  I took a good look at the plant in full daylight and realized it was a Lantana (knew immediately where it came from) and it looked great.

    It’s still looking good and is about to bloom. J. C. does have a green thumb—Thanks friend. He stopped by to fess up about putting the plant in—told him it was not necessary, that I had known from the start where that plant came from. I had intended to call and tell him I’d found it, but I’d always let it get too late before calling. It’s looking so good, I may have to put in some more sidewalks (the dirt he planted in was dug out to make room for the front walk) so he’ll have places to plant more Lantana.

    I also want a Snow Ball Bush! Hint! Hint! and wouldn’t mind having a Crepe Myrtle. Neither of these plants grow on our hill—or at least Ed and I couldn’t make them live.

    I put one Encore Azalea in the ground, just before one of the huge rains last week. The ground was really too wet when I planted it, so it’s sibling is still in the pot. Maybe it’ll dry up this week, so more plants can go into the ground.


    The women of Pope Baptist Church hosted a Bridal Brunch-Shower for niece Misty Saturday morning. It was a beautiful affair, with exquisite decorations, delicious food, great fellowship and Misty and Trea received many beautiful and useful gifts.

    Was surprised to see Jean Pullen and her daughter, Charlsa Carr, there. Didn’t know they were Trea’s cousins. Charlsa was one of Ed’s students for several years and she was great fun to be around. I’ve always Joe and all the Pullens and also love Jean. After the brunch, I went on to Mom’s to feed her lunch and spend the afternoon.

    Jimmie stayed at the church to help get food ready for the McMinn family. The funeral for long-time Pope Coach McMinn was held Saturday afternoon. For many years WV and Pope were basketball rivals, so I’m sure many sports fans in the area will remember Coach McMinn.


    Mom and I were alone Saturday afternoon, so we were lazy and watched TV. On one of the home renovation shows they were putting in a brick patio—one of my long overdue projects. Have the brick, sand, etc. just need to put it all in place. Ed put the cross tie border down long before he died, so it’s about time I did my part of this project.


    One of the items in my Mother’s Day package was a CD by Comedian Jeanne Robertson. Jim told me not to listen to it while driving, but I didn’t believe that was necessary. I put it into the player on the way over to Pope Sunday after church and he was right—I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes and my sides are sore.

  He called Friday with the great news that he’s coming for a visit next week. We both decided that it was about time—he has not been home in over a year


  Hope all Citizens of Ward Three got out and voted Tuesday. It this Ward there was a run-off between Rubye Carr and Phillip Tallant.


  All family and friends of members of  Water Valley High School Seniors are reminded that the Graduation Exercise is Thursday night, May 21, in the Tad Smith Coliseum on the Ole Miss Campus. The program will begin at seven o’clock.

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