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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    After we put the paper to bed early last Tuesday afternoon, I went up to help Woodland Hills pack boxes for Compassion Ministries. When that was completed I came back by City Hall to check out the election results. Was surprised to find the counting still not completed (takes longer on close races). While waiting I enjoyed visiting.

    Wasn’t long until poll worker Mary Lou Jones brought in the box. I knew this race would be close and I also believed that either candidate would make us a good Alderman/ woman for Ward 3. My congratulations to Phillip Tallant who was elected by a vote of 108 to 93. Thanks also, to Rubye Carr who was willing to devote time for this public service had she been elected.


   I apologize to all my young friends who graduated Thursday night. I had planned to attend the commencement exercise, but went home got busy and about 6:30 realized it was too late to get dressed and too Tad Smith Coliseum—It was even too late for attending this event at WVHS Gym or football stadium, where graduation was held for many years. I do extend my congratulations to each of you grads and wish you the best in life.


  Friday had been designated as house cleaning day by Sister Jimmie and I was getting a little head start (reason for my forgetting graduation). I got up bright and early and began removing the clutter. She came with her vacuum cleaner and the carpet cleaner.  I moved furniture, dusted same, and she tackled the two remaining rooms with carpet—others we’ve returned to hardwood status.

    With all the construction and repair over the past year, the sand, dust, etc. was tremendous. We were afraid to empty the dirty water into the drains for fear of stopping them up—that’s bad.  However it probably improved the quality of top soil in my yard.

  She left about six and I continued to work until almost ten, cleaning baths and putting things away. After getting out  of the shower, I discovered that I was really tired. Didn’t know the worst was yet to come. Saturday morning, my calves were so sore, I had trouble walking. This was caused from a couple of cleaning hazards.         First making multiple trips up and down the stairs to the attic, where we were storing left over building materials, excess furniture, and just junk. Second was that each time I stepped off the wet carpet I’d almost slip down, so I was catching with my toes, using muscles I probably didn’t even know I had.

  Saturday morning I got up early, replaced all the furniture in the living room and dining room, before going to Mom’s for the day.

  Raided the freezer for lunch. Found a container of meat—maybe chicken, maybe ham, maybe beef. In the college cafeteria we’d call this mystery meat.  Turned out to be none of the above. It was pork, left over from a Boston Butt I’d roasted recently. Oh well, I decided it would make hash, so in went potatoes and onions, I made my good brown gravy and it was pretty tasty. I also cooked Mom some blackeyed peas, turnip greens and cornbread. If she has peas, greens and cornbread, she doesn’t want anything else, but she did eat my hash and pronounced it pretty good.


  Saturday night  there was very little rain on the hill and Ricky Goodwin, who lives just west of me, said he also got very little.  Everyone else at church got two to two-and-a-half inches and they think we just slept through the downpour. However, during worship service on Sunday morning, we got the flood. Was still raining when I left for Mom’s, but stopped before I reached Profit’s Bridge. Brothers Bo and Rance were coming to cut my grass Sunday afternoon—I advised them to not try it unless they had a pontoon mower.

  They waited until Monday and still reported cutting in inches of water. Rance says his mower works better in water—doesn’t stir up so much dust. Only problem he says is that sometimes on an incline it will spin out. These brothers are pretty weird fellows (a couple of nuts), but they do good work.


  This Memorial Day, as with any other Monday holiday, is a work day for weekly newspapers. Our entire crew has been here most of the day, but it has been pretty dull. Usually on these Mondays, we’re busy because so many other businesses are closed and folks just want some place to visit. Think they all found something more interesting today.

  Flipped on the TV early this morning to check out the weather. While waiting for the weatherman, I was fascinated by a segment on the 75th anniversary of TV. Had not realized that TV is older than I am—just barely. (TV didn’t come to our area until the later 40s or early 50s). They showed clips of programs dating back through TV’s history and most of these shows I’ve seen in re-runs, not the original presentations. The 50’s were about my only TV watching days, until the last few years. It was fun though, seeing how much the characters had changed and also how many are no longer with us.

  Another bit of TV viewing was Saturday night’s movie about the earthquake (10.5 or some title). This is scary stuff and it’s very possible for this story to become reality TV. Knew I didn’t want to live in California, but now I’m not even sure I want to visit there.


  A Memorial Day Service was held in Water Valley at eleven o’clock Monday morning. The rain went away for this and it was held under a bright blue sky, with the sun shining. This was a rare sight for our area in recent days. We do appreciate the sacrifices of many Vallians who gave their all in the service of our country and also we thank those who served and lived to continue to serving in the civilian arena.

  In my family we have very few veterans. Was not that they were unwilling to serve, but they were just born when service was not needed. Of course Ed did serve in the Korean War, but this was before our paths crossed. I did have one uncle who spent many years in service during World War II and several cousins who served during World War II, also in the Korean Conflict and in Vietnam.


  Thanks to everyone who served in any branch of the military for helping keep America safe.


  I have an exciting weekend coming up. Jim will arrived tomorrow and we’re going to have fun.

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