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Jeff’s God Is Howell’s Latest Book

FREDERICK, MD May 20, 2009 — PublishAmerica is proud to present Jeff’s God by Hershel B. Howell.

Mr. Howell’s novel is of the Civil War era – the Battle of Shiloh, Oxford, Mississippi, The University of Mississippi, and the small river town of Wyatt, located on the Tallahatchie River about twelve miles north of Oxford. It is an exciting story, a touching romance, and rich with action, suspense, and a very surprising ending!

Hershel B. Howell, an eighty-two-year-old retired businessman, lives in Water Valley, Mississippi, where he and his wife raised five children. Living in his characters, he has made them alive and as real as the area he is writing about. Not being a typist, all his writing is done in longhand.

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PublishAmerica announces the publishing of Hershel Howell’s book, Lim.

Lim is an exciting and adventurous story of a hard-drinking Mississippi gambler and his two young partners.  They find themselves caught up in a search for a long-ago lost Confederate treasure, hidden during the Union army’s siege of Vicksburg in the Civil War.

This is a story both humorous and exciting—with a touch of romance. It will appeal to buried treasure enthusiasts who love the lure of hidden fortunes. Hunters and anglers will enjoy trekking through the countryside bird hunting with Lim and his dogs and joining Bubba’s first grabbling experience. It is a story you would not be embarrassed to read to your mother-in-law.

Hershel Howell, a native Yalobushian, was born in Skuna Valley, October 4, 1926, where his parents, Brack and Hilma Howell taught school. Being schoolteachers, the Howells moved quite often—Skuna Valley, Sylva Rena, and Scobey in Yalobusha County, and in Tallahatchie, Burgess, and Oxford in Lafayette County. In Lafayette County, Howell’s father was elected as Tax Assessor and later Chancery Clerk.

Hershel Howell graduated from Oxford University High School in 1944, served in the U.S. Air Force in World War II, and then attended The University of Mississippi following his discharge. While there, he met and married Peggy McCall. They were married 58 years before Mrs. Howell’s death in 2007.

The responsibilities of marriage ended Howell’s college pursuits and began his work for the State of Mississippi and then with Warren Petroleum, a subsidiary of Gulf Oil Corp.

In 1958, the Howells moved to Water Valley, Mr. Howell took over the Gulf Oil Distributorship when. John Throop, Sr. retired, serving in the gasoline and butane business for 32 years and retiring in 1989.

Being an avid sportsman and outdoors person, Howell took up writing as a pastime pleasure when weather confined him to the inside. As time passed, his writing became more than a pastime—now he has completed three novels. Not being a typist, all his writing is done in longhand.

Howell’s efforts to get one of his books published resulted in numerous rejection slips and “Sorry your manuscript does not fit in with our program.” He gave up the hope of ever getting his works published.    Then, Lady Luck came along, he met Sue Rogers, mother-in-law of Joe Newman, and a published author of 20 children’s books. The new acquaintance and friendship of Sue and her husband, Leonard, who recently moved to Water Valley, led Sue to read Howell’s manuscript of Lim. “WOW,” she said, “we’ve got to get this published!” Taking over the reins, as an agent, editor, proofreader, and computer expert, Sue had a publisher reading the manuscript before the month was over. The publisher, PublishAmerica, liked the novel and offered a contract to publish Lim. Howell’s first manuscript. Without Sue Rogers’ knowledge and help, Lim would never have been published.

There is one other person who made the publishing of Lim possible—Don Dewberry. Don did the first editing, translation, and typing of Mr. Howell’s handwritten manuscript. Without Don’s expertise, knowledge, and skills, Lim would never have been written—much less published.

The cash advance was minor, but the dream of getting his first novel published is awesome!

For a limited time, you may purchase a copy of Lim, by Hershel Howell, at Varner Printing & Office Supply, 419 N Main St. Water Valley, MS-$19.95.

You may order a copy of Lim, by Hershel Howell, ISBN # 1-60563-063-2, $19.95 plus $3.50 shipping, at: http://www.publishamerica.coin/shopping/index.htm or Mail order from:

Publish America, LLLP

P. O. Box 151 Frederick, MD 21705

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