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Corps Officials Remind Lake Users To Use Caution After Heavy May Rains Increase Lake Levels At Enid

Boaters are reminded to pay close attention to signs, buoys, and barricades while launching and loading boats at area ramps. Boaters and visitors should remember that diamond shaped symbols on buoys represent danger. – Photo Provided

 During the month of May Enid Lake and the surrounding areas received almost 12 inches of rain, a heavy amount of rainfall that has pushed the lake level at Enid Lake  5.65 feet above normal lake stage.

    Although this is not technically considered “high water,” the lake is higher than it has been since the summer of 2001.  Visitors need to be especially careful since roads that were accessible a month ago may be submerged now.  Visitors should pay special attention to all signs and barricades.

    Boaters should also take precautions. As the lake levels come up, many obstacles that were once visible may be covered with water.  At some boat ramps: signs, guardrails, and rip rap rocks may be under water.  When possible these features have been marked with buoys and/or barricades.  Other hazards boaters need to be aware of are stumps, snags, lake points, etc., that have not been inundated in the past eight years.  Boaters are reminded to use extreme caution when boating in unfamiliar areas.  Above all, Enid Lake wants to remind all of our visitors to slow down, take your time, and be safe.   

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