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Fresh Veggies Expected At Saturday Market

By Mickey Howley

We had some heavy weather the last few days.  Category-one hurricane quality winds, horizontal rain, lightening blitzing across the sky. That type of weather is always possible this time of year, but it seems to me we have had a wetter than average spring.

The weather last weekend stopped two events, the Chamber’s Music in the Park and Main Street’s Movie on Main. It is just tough to put on a show while there is electricity dancing in the air and rain drenching everything.

Assuming we don’t have another mini-hurricane this Friday, the Movie on Main will be this Friday at dark on the corner lot of Panola and Main.  

The film is “The Sandlot” a film about kids playing baseball in the early 60’s and what trouble one can get into with a simple neighborhood ball game. It is a great film for kids and a pretty good one for adults. Helps if you know a little baseball history, but that is not essential to enjoy the film.

 The Farmers Market on Saturday morning was not washed out, but it was close. There was heavy rain off and on for the first 90 minutes. People were jumping in and out of their cars, covering their produce and products.

I was questioning the wisdom of being near a tall tree with the possibility of an electrical storm in the area, but luckily we did not see or hear any lightening. So, while the sky did not really clear, it did stop raining for the last half of the market.

This market, now in the third season, has a determined bunch of farmers and customers and so the market just continued on.

I have been reading about this village in China where there are a whole bunch of people over one hundred years old. Seems the trick is to stay slim, eat fresh and colorful food, work physically hard everyday and drink lots of green tea. I’m working on the first three of those, have not made the switch from coffee to green tea.  

Of the first three of those rules, eating fresh and colorful seems the easiest. The tomatoes and squash are now really ripe and delicious. Fresh garlic is in and while your friends and lovers might not like it, it is good for you and tasty. It really is true about cucumbers being cool, at least in a salad.  

Combine fresh vegetables with some fresh herbs and you will have plenty of taste without having to jazz up the food with salt and spices. Swing by Water Valley’s Farmers Market this Saturday and taste the difference real fresh makes. It is open from 8 to 11, rain or shine.

Last week’s survey had an even split with folks who go to Music in the Park, Movie On Main, and the Farmers Market as way to pass the summertime versus folks who carry on as usual and just endure the heat. A smaller but still sizable percentage said they would do anything as long as it was air-conditioned.

Visit our website at to vote on your favorite Farmers Market product. See you at the movie this Friday.

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