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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer


   Chad Moore had trimmed up the holly bushes around my house several weeks ago and since that time I had not even seen lizzards on the porch or the outside walls. Thought sure that that problem had been taken care of.

Not so!

    Arriving home Thursday I found one little critter in the den. Having thrown out my sticky boards with the last intruder attached, I raced for the bedroom closet to find new ammunition. Entering this room, where we had put in a new thresh hole and had tightly weather striped the door, I found another lizzard. I can’t see any light around this door and the window in this room is stationary. The room is not used and the entrance door to the rest of the house was tightly closed. Where he came from I don’t know.

    Well, since I was more interested in getting rid of the criter in the den, I snatched up some sticky mouse pads, ran back and put them in place. I knew I’d chased the intruder under the couch. Left my line of boards and went back to attack the bedroom pest. Knew I’d never contain it with glue boards, so my brain went into action to assemble a plan of attack. Saw a can of flying insect spray that Jimmie and I had recently used to rid this room of big flies.

    It sprays up to 25 feet, so standing across the room, I let him have it. Sure enough, it stunned the lizzard, and armed with my trusty broom, I beat it to death. Took some real courage for me to do this. Next it was back to the den, where I found that this little critter had ventured out and onto my boards, so he was contained.         Now I know that Ed, and all you other lizzard lovers, are saying, “Don’t kill the lizzards—they eat harmful insects!” If Ed had killed all these pests I tried to get him to I would not have to face this problem alone now.

    Well, lizzards have been warned, “If they stay in the yard, or even on the porch, I’ll chase them away unharmed. If they come into my house, they’re the enemy and war is on. One way or another, I’m going to win. However, if they do perchance win, then they get the house!” No way are we going to co-habitate.


    Now, while all this was going on I was wasting valuable time that I needed to be washing clothes, ironing, washing dishes, ect., getting ready to go to Bill’s and Jimmie’s early Friday morning.

    Started the day by cooking until about 10 a.m. Then it was down to the Herron Mansion in Oakland, where the ceremony was to be held, to put in place ferns—trailer loads of them. We took a van load, then Bill came with a trailer load, and Don and Gina brought more. With the high temps and humidity, we decided that was all the decorating possible until Saturday. So it was back to shopping and cooking. Got all the fruits and veggies washed and bagged, dips and chicken salad made.

    Then it was back to Oakland for the rehearsal. Was hot as blazes, but we all had fun and the rehearsal went off flawlessly. Following this, the wedding party and families were entertained at a dinner at by the Wright family (Trey Wright was the groom), at Panola County Country Club in Batesville. Food was great, decoations were beautiful, and the fellowship was tremendous—it was a fun night.

    Early Saturday morning, I was back in the kitchen and Jimmie was off to get Mom beautified. Rance and Ginny had charge of getting her dressed and to the wedding on time.

    After lunch we went down to complete our part of the decorating. Don and Gina and one of their friends came down to help. Michael Redwine did the important decorations, but we put ferns in place, draped toole, tied on bows, etc. Don decided he’d become a wedding coordinator-decorator, giving us instruction about the droops and flounces. I began correcting, telling him if he was going into the buisness he needed to learn the lingo and it was swags and poofs.

    Everyone got into the swing of things so we swagged and poofed for hours. On our union cards, Gina was the bow placement person, Jimmie did the toole, I cut wire and handed,  and the men gave directions. We all toted ferns and Jimmie and I did a few outside arangements.

     It was a seven o’clock wedding, but it was still very hot.

    Misty was driven to the aisle by her father, Bo, in Mr. Vance’s yellow Corvette. (Mr. and Mrs. Sam Vance own the Herron Mansion.) She was a beautiful bride. Bridesmaids, Groom Trey and his groomsmen were also very elegantly attired.     

    Officiating the ceremony was Senior Pastor of Pope Baptist Church, Rev. Roger Richards, who is in his late 80s. He’s a marvel, have never heard a better ceremony and the heat didn’t seem to bother him. Mom made it fine, also—guess the older folks are made of sturdier stock. The rest of us were wilting. My job was to get Misty and Bo into position at the right time, which I did without a bobble. Then it was back to my kitchen duty.

    This was a Water Valley Wedding—Michael and Lisa Edwards did the flowers, Lela Mae McMinn baked the cakes, and Betty Davis made the corn dip and all this was deeply appreciated.

    I was afraid that the guests would be few—not so. Some 140 folks signed the guest register and I’m sure there were many who failed to do this—there always is. Braving the heat, they ate, visited, danced, and had a great time, staying well into the night.

    I got home after one, rested and studied my Sunday School lesson for a while, then got into bed. Usually I pop out of bed, with no problems. Sunday morning, I really began to wonder whether I’d make it or not. That heat really drains you. Knew I had to wash the salt out of my hair, so a little before eight, I made myself get up and into the shower. Got to church on time.

    Then it was back for a family meal of left-overs before Brother Terry and Niece Nita left for Brandson. Don’t know what we’ve have done without Nita’s help—she sliced tomatoes, cut bread, assembled sandwiches, etc. all Saturday afternoon, then washed dishes all Sunday morning. Also helping in the kitchen were Bill’s sister, Margaret, Gina and Don. Don also helped with the cooking. This wedding was a family affair.


    Hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth. We’re planning a trip down to the Ag Museum on Friday and Saturday.

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