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County 4-Hers Do Well in District, National Competition

By Steve Cummings

Yalobusha County 4-Hers were recently in the limelight from the district level to the national level.  All were successful!

Shelby Carmichael represented Mississippi in the National Shooting Sports Competition in Nebraska.  She competed in the pistol category where her dad, Tony, was the coach.  Indirect reports from Tony conclude that the Mississippi pistol team tied for third place in the nation, but lost the tie breaker by two points to finish fourth.  Shelby placed in the top fifteen individuals.  Complete details will be in next weeks’ news article.

Four 4-Hers represented Yalobusha County in the North Mississippi 4-H Cookout Contest and all received blue ribbons.  Hunter Dorris won 2nd in the Junior Inexpensive Steak class.  Hayden Harbour placed third in the Sr. Prestige Steak class.  Duncan Dees placed 4th and Brooke Fielder placed 6th in the Junior Pork Chop cooking.  Congratulations to these winners.

The Yalobusha County 4-H Horse Club recently competed in the Northwest District 4-H Horse Show.  I say competed, but I should say dominated instead.  These 4-Hers scored 590 points to easily out-distance the second place county by 274 points.  High point junior exhibitor, Casey Moss, out-distanced the second place junior exhibitor by 74 points and actually out-scored seven of the twelve counties competing in the show.  Casey also won the Cody Byford Memorial Buckle for the High Point Speed Event Rider.  Delta Nichols edged out fellow 4-Her, Casey Byford, for the Senior High Point Exhibitor.

Yalobusha County’s presence was felt throughout the district show, not only by our 4-Hers performances, but also by the fact that Tyler Epes’ photograph was on the cover of the District Horse Show program.  Tyler’s photograph of her horse’s eye won the best Junior 4-H Horse Photograph in last year’s state contest and won the right to be on the cover of all four district horse show programs.

Yalobusha County has the opportunity to be on the cover of next years’ 4-H horse programs, as numerous 4-Hers’ photographs qualified for the state contest.  First place winners on the district level included Casey Byford, Jade Henry, Casey Moss, and Peyton McMillian.  Qualifying for the State 4-H Horse Photograph contest were photographs by Casey Byford, Hunter Dorris, Jade Henry, Peyton McMillian, Patrick McMillian, Casey Moss, J.W. Pipkin, and Liz Roark.

There is also a Horse Art Contest. This is an art contest where the art work has to have a horse somewhere on it. Again, Yalobusha County dominated this contest. First place winners included Casey Moss, Karlan Denley, Kelsey Neeley, and J.W. Pipkin. 4-Hers qualifying for the state competition in this category included Karlan Denley, Harley Sharp, Casey Moss, Patrick McMillian, Peyton McMillian, Jade Henry, Breanna Scroggins, Triston Gill, Kelsey Neeley, Casey Byford, J.W. Pipkin, and Rachel Carmichael.  Results from the state 4-H Horse Art and Photography contests will appear after the competition.  Congratulations and best of showing to Yalobusha’s exhibitors on the state level.

There are various contests for Junior 4-Hers at the District Horse Show.  Juniors compete to qualify for the state competition, while seniors compete only on the state level.  Patrick and Peyton McMillian won the team demonstration contest.  The Jr. 4-H Horse Bowl team of Casey Moss, Janna Turner, Liz Roark, and Karlan Denley placed second and qualified for state.  The Jr. 4-H Horse Judging team of Casey Moss, Janna Turner, Liz Roark, and Jillian Dees placed second and qualified for state.

I have written about all of the Yalobusha County 4-H Horse Club’s success and hardly mentioned the actual horse show.  Yalobusha County 4-Hers won 26 classes and qualified for the State 4-H Horse Show in 85 classes. They will compete in 92 classes at the state show.  

Class winners included Adam Faulkner (1), Casey Moss (11), Liz Roark (2), Delta Gill (2), Patrick McMillian (1), J.W. Pipkin (3), Casey Byford (2), Breanna Scroggins (1), Janna Turner (2), and Triston Gill (1).

Champions are named in halter classes, and Yalobusha County had its share. Casey Moss had Grand Champion Quarter Horse Mare, Grand Champion Paint Geldings, Grand Champion Pony (under 48”) Gelding, and Grand Champion Grade Western Mare.  Haley Morris had Reserve Champion Grade Western Mare, Karlan Denley exhibited the Reserve Champion Paint Gelding, Peyton McMillian had the Grand Champion Miniature Horse Gelding, Delta Nichols exhibited the Grand Champion Grade Western Gelding, and Casey Byford had the Reserve Champion Grade Western Gelding.

The following Yalobusha County 4-Hers will compete in the State 4-H Horse Show:  Adam Faulkner (2), Nick Watkins (2), Casey Moss (18), Robyn Thweat (6), Liz Roark (5), Haley Morris (4), Casey Byford (10), Breanna Frost-Scroggins (7), Delta Gill (11), Patrick McMillian (4), Peyton McMillian (2), Karlan Denley (3), Janna Turner (6), J.W. Pipkin (4), Triston Gill (7), Emma Dorris (1), Nick Scroggins (1), and Hayden Harbour (1).

Jillian Dees, Haley Garlington, Grant Dorris, and Jade Henry competed in the district show. Yalobusha County qualified in four more classes for state, but opted not to go.  

The state 4-H Horse Show will be July 8th – 12th in Jackson at the Coliseum. If you are looking for a trip or will be in Jackson during this time, please come out and support our young people.  

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