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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Was headed for Jimmie’s and Bill’s Thursday night so I’d be there for an early departure to the Mississippi Ag Museum on Friday morning. Got an added treat, as the Bridge Club was gathering at Hilda Broom’s home in Pope for a night of delicious food, great fellowship and some Bridge games. Present were most of the club members. I am proud to report that I was not the low scorer on this evening—Jimmie was. Often Hilda and I will play as one. She plays and I bid—we make a great team.

    However, Thursday we both had to play and even worse we played as opponents and never partners. With 11 players, we had to use one dummy hand and on the third table I was paired with the dummy—I dubbed us Dummy 1 (real) and Dummy II (me). Then Eilene File got so confused biding and playing for Dummy I (Hilda got the bid each time), that I tagged her Dummy III. We were having so much fun at this table— I believe the other players were envious.

    Sarah Russo, came over and played the Dummy’s final hand, and she’s so good Dummy I and Dummy II finally got some points, by setting Hilda and Eilene. We enjoyed a delicious salad/sandwich supper, topped off with wonderful home-made peach ice cream and cookies.


  Jimmie took me to Bill’s shop, just off I-55, where Mary Sue and Bennett Anderson of Olive Branch picked me up early Friday morning for the trip down to the Ag Museum. Jimmie’s schedule did not permit her going with us. Going down, we did not see a single highway patrolman and only saw one on our return trip late Saturday.

  The other member of our team, T. J. Ray of Oxford, met me with a corrected copy of the last jobs we’d printed when we were there in May. Two of the three jobs had errors. Now this is after two people with phDs, two with BS degrees, and two career printers had read them—we are good proof readers. After I finally found the type cases used for these jobs, I made the corrections and Mary Sue re-ran them.     

    Saved some of the book marks with the error and gave them to some Woodland Hills congregation Sunday morning—don’t think they cared if there was an error.

  Usually on the Fourth Weekend we have many visitors on both Friday and Saturday. This year we had very few all day Friday and Saturday morning, with only near-usual attendance on Saturday afternoon. We did get lots of work done, though, and enjoyed visiting with each other It was very hot and I’m sure this kept many visitors home under the AC.

  One of our Saturday visitors was an 80-year-old gentleman who’d worked for Hederman Brothers when he was only 17 years old. He probably operated some of the equipment in the TBZH (first name initials of the Hederman Brothers) Print Shop.     This family donated much of the equipment that is in the shop.


  Rev. Clyde Johnson of Alabama filled our pulpit on Sunday and we were happy to have him. He’s an excellent speaker and preached a very timely sermon. He also told us of some of his mission work that was very interesting. Our attendance was down, due to many vacationing and others  attending family reunions.

  After the service I went to Mom’s for a lunch which I had no part in preparing. Jimmie, Rance, Ginny, Bo and Carolyn had done all the cooking and it was delicious.

  In addition to cooking and cleaning, Carolyn and Bo also came to my house and cut grass. While there Carolyn also tossed my dead lizzards and took away my garbage—now that’s great family.

  Ed Hill tells me that I might want to reconsider killing lizards. He says that recently he saw a lizard sitting on top of a fire ant mound. Said he watched it for a while and that each time an ant came out the lizard zapped it. Fire ants do hurt and I’d like them all gone, but still don’t think I can let a lizard live that gets into the house.

  Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth. Then we got a special blessing on Sunday morning, with that refreshing rain.

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