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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    A few weeks ago Bobby Suratt brought in a copy of a Water Valley Junior High Football Program from 1958. The Blue Devils were playing Holly Springs. Bobby Clark was coach, managers were Donald Henderson, Speedy Spurgeon, and Jimmy McCay. Cheerleaders were Carol Bell, Marsha Catching, Joy Person, Sadie Harris, India Throop, and Barbara McNamee.

    Can’t read all the first names of team members, but the roster included Tommy White, 95 pounds; Joe Thomas, 121 pounds, Bill Gafford, 115 pounds; Robert McClaflin, 110 pounds; Dorsey McCay, 80 pounds; Butch Chittom, 105 pounds; Mickey Shoemake, 110 pounds; Bruce Cox, 95 pounds; Gary Cox, 105 pounds; Albert Wilbourn, 100 pounds; Freddy Benz, 120 pounds; Warren Sager, 110 pounds; Mickey Pierce, 100 pounds; Pete Vaughn, 105 pounds; Edwin Gray, 110 pounds; Lambert, 130 pounds; W. R. Newman, 150 pounds; Morris, 210 pounds; Robert Montgomery, 114 pounds; Sam Alred, 105 pounds; Thomas, 115 pounds; Hart, 101 pounds; Dorris, 130 pounds; Wright, 120 pounds; Wright, 108 pounds; Bobby Williams, 125 pounds; and Vaughn, 100 pounds.

    Programs, which we printed, were 10 cents. Enjoyed remembering all these young men and really enjoyed the weights—though some of you might like a step-back in time, also.


  One member of this team has come back to the Valley, he says, to spoil me—and he’s doing a great job. A few weeks ago Robert Montgomery brought in a pint of Bread & Butter Pickles and a pint of red plum jelly. Both look delicious—they’re still on my kitchen counter, waiting to be eaten. Since receiving these gifts, I’ve been involved with my niece’s wedding, made a trip to the Ag Museum, and gotten ready for and was in VBS last week—haven’t had much time to eat.


  Water Valley Native, Dr. Michael Rhyne of Houston, was recently named “Best Dentist in Chickasaw County”. He is the son of Dwight and Donna Rhyne. Donna was in recently and told me that Michael had always said he wanted to be the best dentist and seems like he on the road to being just that. Michael was one of Ed’s students while in school here, and we always enjoyed him. Congratulations, Michael!


  Polly Hoskins of Hickory Flat called last week to tell us that she had failed to receive her paper for two weeks. We have had calls from many subscribers in the Batesville, Sardis, Olive Branch, Nesbit, Senatobia and many other areas, who did not receive a July 9th paper. These papers are in the mail system somewhere and I hope by now have been delivered. Mr. Bill Sissell was in just after I wrote the above and reported that he’d finally gotten his 9th issue.


  Began this column Monday and realized that there are four days strung together here that have a lot of memories for me. On the 19th in 1957 Ed and I walked almost half-way from WV to my home in Pope. Ed was driving a car, which he was considering purchasing. We were in the Valley for some event, and he was taking me home, so he thought he’d take it on the longer trip—we’d been driving it around town most of the day.    

    Just before entering Hwy. 51, off of 32, the oil pressure dropped to nothing. He always watched the gauges and so he looked for a place to get off the road, got out and checked, and the car had no oil. In those days there was one store between Oakland and Pope, and it had long since closed—this was about 11 o’clock.

    There were very few phones and all the people were asleep, so it was walk. Fortunately we both had on comfortable shoes and in about four hours we arrived, explained why I was late, Ed called his parents and Mom fixed him a bed on the day bed. We did have a great conversation and a memorable night—celebrated it as an anniversary each year.

    We had three each year—April 19, our first date; June 19,, our wedding date; and July 19th. The 20th is Mother Shearer’s birthday (she would have been 99), the 21st is Daddy Shearer’s birthday (he would have been 104), and the 22nd is Celeste and Jim’s wedding anniversary (I just remembered that and I have not sent them a gift—not even a card), so “happy anniversary.”


  Last week was a great week of VBS at Woodland Hills. We had wonderful children, a very capable staff and excellent teachers. Attendance was good, with about 35 to 40 children each night and 12 to 15 staff members. On Friday night we had Closing or Parents night and it was so good to meet some of the parents and to see some who are long-time friends that we’d not seen for awhile. The young people (and I) learned a lot. They shared some of it of their week’s study Friday night and their crafts were excellent. The teenagers made a slide video for us and it was very professional—I’m impressed with their work. They also made a photo scrapbook as a permanent record of our week.

  Our mission team arrived home Friday afternoon, after spending almost two weeks in Central Asia. Team members are Bro. Ken Izzard, Becky York, Cindy and Ronnie Dickey, and Linda and Terry Schmitz. We’ve only heard bits of this trip, but are anxiously awaiting a report


  Thunderstorms in the area over the past weeks have been vicious. I lost a TV, an old VCR and a DVD. Heard reports of many other appliances that were destroyed.


    Enjoyed a reunion of four classes from Crowder School on Saturday night (‘55, ‘56. ‘57 & ‘58) and also two members of the Class of ‘59 (Betty and Mamie, the Wells twins) were present.

  We had several teacher present, one whom I’d not seen since she taught me in 2nd grade. She looked great and remembered all of us. She was Miss Carpenter when her year with us began, but married Mr. Bud Jones shortly before Christmas. Bill (Out the Mudline Columnist) and Nannette Sissell of Batesville, and Coach Grady Ferguson and his wife of Bruce also attended.


  Can you believe that Watermelon Carnival will be next weekend? I have my ticket for the Music Festival on Thursday. If you have not yet bought yours, see any Town & Country Garden Club member or pick one up at Turnages or the Chamber Office. Talking with members of the club, it sounds like this year’s event is going to be the best ever, well worth the price of admission, which is only $7.

    Showtime is 7 p.m. Opening will be one of my favorite groups, The Sharecroppers. They will be followed by an array of talent, both local and out-of-town. HS Principal Glen Kitchens will be MC for the night.

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