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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Carnival weekend began Thursday night with an outstanding Town and Country Garden Club music festival. Pre-program entertainment was provided by the Shrarecroppers (Clay Ashford, drums; Daryl Burner, bass; Carl Few, guitar; Jessie Higdon, guitar; Danny McGregory, keyboard; and Dr. Larry Tyler, guitar—most of them also doubled as vocalist.)Special guest vocalist was Effie Burt of Oxford, who is a tremendous talent.

  The highlight of the program was a waltz by Mrs. Dale Childress and Dr. Joe Walker. This was in answer to a promise, from Joe to Dale, when she had asked him if she was going to get well. His answer was, “Yes, and when you do we’re going dancing.” I think they’ve both been around the floor a few times and they still have it.

  Dr. Glen Kitchens was emcee for the program and filled this position in a very professional manner. The Luela Fair Community Enrichment Award went to Martha Edward, a very deserving recipient. We congratulate Martha and commend T&C on her selection for this honor.

  The line-up of entertainers for the evening was tremendous—I enjoyed them all.

  Bob Tyler was seated across the aisle from me and when I came in, he came over, spoke, and then told me to behave myself. Told him, I’d do the best I could—didn’t really promise anything. On the way out I stopped to ask Bob if my behavior had been okay and he said I passed. Wish I’d stayed to find out more, because my car was parked in the Baptist Church parking lot and the bottom fell out just as I crossed Main. I didn’t have a dry thread when I arrived home.         I sat in the car for several minutes, waiting for the rain to slack, before I headed home. These sudden showers continued during most of the weekend.


  Worked until lunch on Friday, then went home to await the arrival of sister-in-law, Faye Poindexter Shearer of Pascagoula, who came for an overnight stay. She took in a little of the carnival and visited with friends. First on our agenda was a visit to the art show at Bozarts. Faye’s long-time friend and next door childhood neighbor, Lily Shoemake Champion, was one of the participants in this show. Lily’s watercolors are so beautiful, and it was great to get in a visit with her and husband, Danny.

  Also enjoyed seeing David Arbuckle’s stained glass. Had no idea he was so talented. I have known his wife, Tammy, since she was a baby, and David for many years. They are dear friends.

  All other artists in this show were so talented. There were many pieces I’d have liked to taken home with me, but I have no wall space. If you can’t display it there is no need to have it. Art needs to be seen.

  Faye and I both were fascinated by Rachel Ballentine’s pottery. We were privileged to hear how she went from being a school teacher to an artist, it was a fascinating story. Her pottery was beautiful and her story very inspiring.

  Other exhibitors were Deirdre Uncapher, Andi Bedsworth, William Warren, Angela Clanton, Megan Kingery, Bruce Baggett, Pati D’Amico, Anissa Wilkinson, Erin Austen Abbott, Leslie Love, Andi Bedsworth, Gabriella DeLawey, Coulter Fussell, our own photographer Jack Gurner, Barry Weeks, Hayden Hall, Blair Hobbs, and John Davis. Their works encompassed art in every medium – photography, clay, stained glass, wood, art dolls, and more.


  After the art show, Faye and I went to the park to visit with friends and listen to the street dance music. Was good to see all the Perkins/Davis clan. It was also great to see Jeannie Barron and her husband, Ralph Harrison of Mountain Home, Arkansas. Jeannie is a daughter of the late Mary and Jasper Barron (Peoples Wholesale).

  Zandra Walker had been by earlier to tell me that granddaughter, Anna Maria Walker, had a friend, Anna Bailey, coming for a visit and to attend the carnival, who wanted to meet me. Zandra says that she is an avid reader of my column and just wanted to meet me. Anna Maria is a daughter of Regina Martin Walker and the late Woody Walker of Russellville, Arkansas, granddaughter of Dr. Joe Walker and Rachel Bell and and former Vallians, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Martin. Both Annas were delightful young ladies and I enjoyed hugs and visits with each one. Can’t imagine my column being interesting to anyone, and certainly not to such lovely young people, but I do appreciate my fan club. Anna Maria has just completed nursing school and Anna is a teacher.


  After going home, Faye and I sat up until the wee hours, catching up on all that’s going on in our lives. Nephew Bill is getting married August 15, great-niece Allison (Steve’s daughter) just had a fifth birthday, and Jeff and Michael are both staying busy. So is Faye—she’s involved in so many church and civic activities.

  We got up late Saturday morning, and before we got dressed and to the park, the rains came, so we just talked some more. Carolyn, Bo and Misty came by on their way home. They took in most of the carnival, eating most of the food there. They had been in the rains and were soaked, so didn’t stay long. Ginny and Rance were in the park, but did not come on out to the house. Guess Jimmie decided that with the bad weather it just wasn’t worth coming. After Faye left I drove down to the park, but found everyone packing up and leaving, so I went back home and rested for a couple hours.


  Saturday night I was so honored to be included in the 56th year reunion of the WVHS Class of ‘53 (Ed’s Class). Heard many amazing stories, but was told that they were not for publication. They were not bad, just cute, and in some cases very uplifting. It’s amazing how compassionate these class members were, but they wouldn’t tell their own stories, others of the class had to report and as the night went on, it seemed that most of these students had done wonderful acts of charity and kindness.         There was also a bit of mischievous activity admitted. I did enjoy the stories and also catching up on what has gone on and is still happening in the lives of these folks. Thanks for inviting me.

  Billy Baddley, class secretary,  and Bob Brooks, treasurer, presented the program and I think, along with their spouses, did most of the work in getting the reunion together. Program was great and the decorations were beautiful. My compliments to everyone who had a part in this gathering.

  Also doing a great job was Glenda Henderson and her staff at Yalobusha Country Club. The food was delicious and the service impeccable. Our Country Club is a very valuable asset.


  Sunday afternoon I attended the funeral of long-time friend, Evelyn Hamblett. It was good to see her daughter, Barbara Ann, the Hill children, Ronnie and Betty of Cleveland, and Melinda, her husband, Tobby Turner, and their son, Ethan, of Aberdeen. We will miss Evelyn and extend sympathy to Daughter, Barbara Fowler and her husband, Daniel, of Kosiusko, son, Jimmy, sister, Betty Hill, grand, great-grand, and all the family.


  The Woodland Hills Mission Team to Central Asia gave a report of their trip, along with many pictures, on Sunday night. We were certainly enlightened by the report and it made us very appreciative of living in the U.S. and being able to worship freely. At the conclusion of the program, the team served a typical meal from the area they visited. I really liked the cookies—maybe we could import some. Was surprised to see that most of the vegetables grown there were the same as we grow here and in many cases they looked better than ours. Watermelons were abundant and they were bigger than Valley melons. Also in the pictures were beautiful tomatoes, cucumbers, apricots and lots more. The women had dresses made while there and they were very pretty—made of an excellent cotton. They also brought back many souvenirs, which included some jewelry that was well made and beautiful.

  The Lord really blessed their mission trip and we’re glad He brought them safely back to us.

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