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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    With Watermelon Carnival behind us and the opening of school now completed, Valley activity is in a lull. However, it will not be long until Football Season will begin and this is always exciting.

    Also, most everyone is looking forward to the upcoming Labor Day Holiday. Unfortunately the Herald Staff does not get to celebrate Monday holidays—so on labor day we will labor.


    Mrs. Charles Homan was in last Thursday and it was so good to meet her. Have known Bro. Charles for many years and also met their son, Charles, Jr., while he was living in the Valley. Mrs. Homan asked that we continue to pray for Bro. Charles as his battle with cancer continues.


    Early last Friday morning I got out and watered plants—the few still alive. Brothers Bo and Rance had watered them when they cut my grass on the weekend, but I’d just not found time to give them another drink until Friday. Was surprised that many of them revived. Some of these poor things were still in their little four-inch starter pots.

    They had come to my house to live early in May and I just have not found time to get them into beds or larger pots. After they perked up from the cool drink of water, I decided to give them larger living quarters, along with some fresh potting soil. Worked for several hours and almost got to hot. Saturday morning, I checked to see how plants were faring and found most of them dead—they must have liked their cramped living quarters.

    Had noticed that my beautiful double hibicus plants were dropping most of their leaves (I thought). On closer examination I found the leaves looked like they’d been cut off, so I suspected a cutting worm. Couldn’t find the pest anywhere, though. Then late in the afternoon, I found why the leaves were disappearing. A couple of beautiful deer were enjoying a bountiful meal at the expense of my hibicus.         They had also eaten most of my hostas off even with the ground. They have a good root system though, so maybe they’ll come back. Jimmie says that the deer pull hers up by the roots—guess mine were established good enough that this didn’t happen. She says the remedy for deer is to saturate rags with loud smelling men’s or women’s cologne and put it in the area, or to get human hair and place it in nylon stockings and place in in the beds or pots.


    Shortly after lunch on Saturday Rance called and says, “Where are you? Jimmie is worried because you have not gotten to Mom’s.” Told him that Sister had known were I was going to be on this date for over a month. He says, “Well I don’t know, so you’d better tell me so I can jog her memory.” I was attending Friends Mary Jo and T. J. Ray’s 50th Wedding Anniversary at two o’clock and knew I did not have time to go to Mom’s, get back and dress in time for this event.

    The reception was a lovely affair, hosted by their children Leigh and Mark Ray. Mary Jo looked beautiful in a white eyelet jacket pants suit, with a beautiful rose corsage. T. J. also look great in his casual attire. Mark and T. J. had made many of the confections served and they were delicious. Punch was excellent and the cake was beautiful. The affair was attended by over a hundred guests.

  It was good to visit with friends, Mary Sue and Bennett Anderson from Olive Branch, and former Vallian Mary Sexton-Loura, and her husband Phillip. Caught up on Mary’s daughter, Gina’s life. She was the cutest little girl, with an excellent voice, who sang in musical presentations several years ago. She’s still singing.

  Also got to meet some of the Ray’s family and many of their friends. It was a fun afternoon.


  For the past couple of weeks I’ve been bringing home left-overs from Sunday lunch and feeding them to the Davises and Crows. Betty called Jimmie last week and informed her to cook plenty and send it to my house—stating that they’d gotten spoiled to left-overs. Well, it didn’t work. I was not there to cook on Saturday, so they simply pulled out veggies and roast that had been frozen from previous meals. Bo did make some fresh cornbread and mashed potatoes and Jimmie made gravy to go with the roast. Rance cooked fresh green beans and made a peach shortcake. The leftovers tasted pretty good. Sorry gang, all I have to offer at my house this week is vegetable/beef soup. It’s good and I’ll make you some cornbread to go with it.


    Was sorry to hear of the death of Mrs. Cecil (“Pete”) Sager last week. Always enjoyed visits with her. Daughter Marilyn was one of the musical young people and we’ve enjoyed her through the years. Also have enjoyed watching Grandson Kevin Herrera grow up and now he has a little son. Mr. Cecil was one of my favorites. He kept me in line at the Post Office—never had a Second Class problem and I’m sure it was because of Mr. Cecil’s guidance. Will miss Mrs. Sager and extend sympathy to the family.


  Sympathy is also extended to the Miller family in the death of Mrs. Lula Mae Swindoll Miller. Mrs. Miller was a sister to long-time friend and Camp Ground member, Mrs. Zula Gray. One of her nieces, Shirley Swindoll Kennedy, and I were classmates at Crowder School for all of our school years. Shirley’s husband, Gene, was also a student at CHS. The Miller’s son, Jerry, died many years ago, and daughter, Betty, lives in Southaven, and daughter, Barbara, now resided in Alabama. Mrs. Miller was with Betty and her family at the time of her death.


  Sunday evening as I went out the door on my way to church, a big red wasp landed on my hair. Didn’t do a thing, just waited, and it flew away, I thought. Crossed the porch, started down the steps, and Mr. Wasp returned with a vengeance. He popped me good on the arm and it hurt. Usually, if I get a sting, it only feels like a pin prick for a couple of seconds and then it’s gone. Not this one. Arm started to ache and sting. Later it felt hot and I had a headache. Still had the ache and heat this morning, but no swelling.


  From the weather prediction this morning (Monday) it looks like we’re going to get some rain. The first tropical storm to reach land is headed our way, with only the threat of rain—thankfully there were no major problems connected to this storm.

  Hopefully, the entire hurricane season will be a calm one.

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