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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  My red wasp sting has not completely gone away—I still have a big read pone. The itching rash and heat have subsided, however. In relating my run-in with this pest, I’ve found several folks with similar stories. Most have never had a wasp sting hurt more than just a passing pin prick, as is my usual encounter.

    This time though, it’s taken over a week to go away and has caused a lot of pain, but no swelling. Others have reported exactly the same symptoms. Well, not wanting to suffer through another sting, I’ve soaked the nest thoroughly several times with flying insect killer. Most of the pests seemed to be dead, or located to better quarters—have not seen one in the last couple of days.

    My nest was in a bad location, built in a junction box right over the front door, which years ago housed a motion sensor light. All these dive-bombers had to do was come out wait for me to exit my front door, sting and fly away. They were excellent warriors.


  Betty Davis called this morning to report that Al had received one stint and was doing fine. He should be coming home shortly. Will be happy to have Al back with us, although it seems that I’ll have to learn to cook healthier if he’s going to eat at my table. I can do this though, just have to get out Ed’s menus from several years ago—grilled fish and chicken and lots of good veggies. Desert will probably have to be fruits and angel food cake.


  Notes coming with subscription renewals that many of you readers will be interested in are:

  From Roy Prestage of Madison, Wis., comes: “I depend upon the weekly editions of the North Mississippi Herald for my home town community news. Thank you!”

  Another was from Frances Gandy: “I enjoy the Herald, keeping up with so many of my Water Valley friends. Betty’s week is always so interesting. you are one very busy lady. Keep up the good work!”

  It’s always good to hear from friends who’ve left the Valley. We miss you.


  On Thursday we got a new front door. David’s father-in-law, Charles Martin of Holcomb, came over and installed it. He worked all day, sometimes in the rain, but it sure is nice. To date though, I’m still having trouble getting in. I keep trying to push the door to the inside—doesn’t work.

  Also the new door does not yet have a mail slot. When I arrived at work this morning I found Mr. Bill Sissell (Out-on-the-Mudline writer) and his wife, Nanette, outside the door. Finally got them in. Mr. Bill says, “I though your door had a mail slot.”

    Told him it did, but that he was looking at a new door. “Well,” he says, “I’m glad, because I was about to agree that Nanette was right and I did need to be checked for Alzheimers”. Their story went that last week she had told him about an incident that happened a couple of weeks prior and he did not seem to remember any of it.

    She decided he was in trouble and needed to be checked out. He says after a while he did remember, but seeing that door he though he was really in trouble. Told him that Ludie’s solution would have been, “We just need to think on this a while.”

  The Sissells also told me that they were attending a mutual friend’s (Mrs. Lillian Moore of Crowder) 101st birthday tomorrow (Tuesday).  This also happens to be Mr. Sissell’s birthday. Happy Birthday to both.

  While the door was being installed, traffic was light in the office, so I picked up my copy of Hershel Howell’s new book, “Jeff’s God”, and began to read it. When the phone rang or someone did come in I really did not want to put it down. After I got home, I hurriedly ate a bowl of soup, then it was back to the book. Read into the wee hours. Then on Friday night, I again grabbed the book and finished same before going to sleep.

  Normally it takes me a couple of weeks at least to read a book (I’m a slow reader), but not this one—just couldn’t put it down. This is a tremendous read and if you have not read it I highly recommend it. It’s great for men and women, boys and girls. It’s a tremendously inspirational story, a beautiful romance, and is just packed with history and action—can’t beat that.

  Thanks for writing Hershel and I’m now waiting for the next book.


  Jimmie and I went up to BMH Friday morning for a short visit with Betty and Al. One of Al’s co-workers at the Post Office, Joey Pruett, dropped by while we were there and I enjoy talking with him. He was very knowledgeable about all postal regulations and especially knew a lot about second-class.

  After we left the Davises, Jimmie and I ate lunch and then shopped. Again we mostly just shopped, bought very little.


  Went to Mom’s Saturday and really enjoyed walking the dog a couple of times—weather was nice. Also cooked most of the day without burning up. I’d missed going last week, so the fridge needed cleaning out and we needed to get some food prepared for Saturday and Sunday noon, and for all this week. Mom’s sitter, Mrs. Teddy Benner will be with her daughter, who is having surgery, the last of the week. Mom will have to fend for herself a few days.

  I didn’t get back on Sunday, as we had orientation for teachers and committee members for the coming year all afternoon at Woodland Hills. We now know what to do, if we’ll only do it.


  Fall is in the air, so you know football season is here.

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