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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Most of Water Valley definitely had an unusual afternoon last Wednesday. Rarely does the Valley loose power for more than a few minutes—few hours at most. However the lights went out over most of the City shortly after noon and didn’t come back on until almost 7:30. I was working up front, where there was plenty of light, and doing non-power chores, so I thought,

    “I’m O.K.” Worked a few minutes, ran out of one record sheet—off I went to the copier. No power. Came back and in a few minutes found that I was totally out of another bookkeeping sheet. Shut me down, so I found a 1991 Southern Living and a 1995 Country Living, and settled into an afternoon of reading. Interspersed in this were several visits from friends, who were also without power. Enjoyed the visits.

    Appreciation is expressed to Joe Newman and the entire Electric Department for their speedy repair. We do have a super staff of electricians.

    I didn’t go to prayer meeting, thinking that it was probably cancelled. Seems that about four or five members came and they prayed—I took a nap, which is rare for me. House was dark and the couch was comfortable, so after I found a can of Underwood Devil Ham, made a sandwich, I stretched out and went to sleep. Thankfully, companies are now putting pull tops on some items. Deviled ham, tomato, lettuce, and mayo made an excellent sandwich if you’re hungry, and I had not eaten all day.

    One blessing in the power outage was that Larson’s was one of the few businesses that had power. They were able to serve customers in a speedy manner and cook lots of food for everyone with only electric power. We appreciate them.

    Brought back memories of the ‘94 Ice Storm when Ed and I cooked on the fireplace and gas grill, used kerosene lamps to read and play board games, and fared quite well through the entire several days we were without power.

  About six on Wednesday, though, I did find my flashlights and candles, just in case the lights were out until after dark.


    Thursday I caught up with all the chores I’d not gotten done on Wednesday and then went home, arriving just before the storm blew in.

    I was washing dishes and out the window I saw what looked like a gold and red snow storm. Leaves were swirling, almost blocking my view from the world. After a few minutes of this, the rain came in bucket’s full. This did settle the leaves. In the middle of the rain storm, the phone rang. It was Jim and he says, “I driving in a Mississippi rain storm!” I says, “Where are you?” He was on I-10 between El Paso and Las Cruces and he reported that on the road was about six inches of water.

    Jim says they’d had much more rain this year than usual. He was so glad that he’d moved from his adobe home a few years ago. That thing would have melted again. He says that the landscape beauty is unbelievable this year, though.

    If it rains just a little the New Mexico desert comes to life and with all the rain they’d had this year every seed that’s every fallen has probably sprouted, gown and bloomed.


    J. C. Penney had a bra sale Friday beginning at 3 p.m. Called Jimmie early in the morning to see if she wanted to meet me for the sale and she says, “Sure, it’s time we had a day off—all we’ve done this year is work.” She says there’s no need to waste a trip to Oxford, come on about 10 and we’ll shop some, eat, then shop some more and make the sale late in the afternoon.

    The Goodwill Store had been recommended as a great place to look, so we tried it. Found lots of great buys. Then it was off to lunch at the Beacon. Being out that way we stopped by for a visit with Ben and Sandra Hanie at The Depot. Jimmie bought some sheets. First time I’ve ever come out of that antique store without having to go back for my van. However, I did leave some beautiful things.

    It’s to the point now though that if I buy I have to either get rid of something I have or build more house. I don’t need more house and I really like all my furniture, so I’ll just look.

    Then it was on to Penny’s for what we actually came for. Well I also found a couple of pairs of shoes, several tops and shorts, at 75 percent off, and a pants suit at half-price. Jimmie was checking out at one register and I was at the next, when my clerk remarked, “This is a beautiful pants suit.” I said, “Yes, my husband picked it out, he’s giving it to me for my upcoming birthday.” Jimmie laughed, and enlightened her, “He really does have great tasted, considering he’s been dead for almost six years.”

    Both clerks looked a bit stunned, but I broke the ice, telling them, “He’s always bought me birthday and Christmas gifts.” Jimmie continued, “Yes and Valentine, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, St. Pactrick’s Day, and any other holiday you can think of.” Our clerks loved it and stated what most of the Valley and surrounding area already knows, “He must have been a remarkable man.”

    We did have one problem with our Friday fun day. Both of us knew we were having sinus problems and really complicated the condition by our visits to the antique and rummage stores. Jimmie was in all day Saturday, so I took care of Mother. Then on Sunday mine really got out of hand and has gotten even worse today (Monday).


     It’s hard to believe that September is half gone. Next week Fall will officially arrive and the days will be evenly divided between sunshine and non-sun. Football season is in full swing and before we know it we’ll be to the play-offs.

    We’d better not blink or we’ll miss Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


    A few notes coming with subscription renewals were from:

    Lula Beth Porter of Coffeeville who tells us she really appreciates our good county-wide news coverage.

     Marvel and G. H. Surrette of Bolivar, Missouri says, “We continue to enjoy the paper each week. We’ve had an unusual year with ample rainfall and a mild, very green summer for southwest Missouri. Our thanks to all of you who work on the NM Herald.

    From Kay Cobb of Oxford comes, “Still look forward to the Herald each week. I really enjoyed the Watermelon Carnival this year (thanks to the cooler weather).

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