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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Faye Bateman called last week to tell me that she has a heavy glass coffee table top, about 12”x36”, (no base) she wants to give away. You just have to come and get it. She lives at 109 Water Valley Manor Apartments and her phone number is 473-0539.


  Got to put a face to a long-time familiar name last week. It was a pleasant surprise when Harry Bethel dropped by to introduce himself. He is a nephew of the late Dorothy Baddley, son of her sister, the late Jean Bethel. For many years I got to hear about the adventures of Harry and his family, and later meet most of his family when they lived in the Valley. Harry and I just never crossed paths.


  Had a note from Anne and Dale Knuth of Tempe, Arizona, along with their subscription renewal. It stated, “Dear Betty, see what happens when we skip Mississippi for the first year since 1995. We forgot our Herald subscription, We knew we were missing something from our lives. Re-hook us up for another year. We always paid by coming in during our summer visit. All is well in Arizona. Anne and I love being warm and don’t miss drizzle one bit. Mississippi is on our itinerary for 2010. Look  for Tony and Huck in mid-June.”

  Was glad to hear from Anne and Dale. Thought they’d forgotten me this year. I’m glad you’re enjoying the southwest—I love it. Hope to see you next year!


  Well I’ve just come through a week that I don’t want to repeat. It started with sinus dripping, which turned into full-fledged bronchitis. Early in the week my eyes and nose ran constantly, causing blurred vision, red eyes and a sore throat. When this subsided, I started coughing.

    This was constant until late Friday afternoon, when it suddenly got better and has continued to improve. I have my fingers crossed. On Wednesday and Thursday nights I got absolutely no sleep—sat up most of both nights.

  Next, in the middle of the week I heard water running under the house. I called Billy Flippin and he went out to find that I had a pond under there. He turned the water off just before it came out into the sunroom. He then pumped my lake out and at the present is trying to get it dry enough to make the necessary repairs. Do appreciate Billy.

  It’s fun living without water. I took my dirty dishes to Mom’s sink and washed them. Have been going out for showers, and dirty clothes are just stacking up—I’m thankful that I have a lot of clothes.

  Then came the final straw. On Saturday morning I could not find the van key. Knew it was in the house, because I drove the van home at noon on Thursday and had not left the house. The key was not in the ignition, so it had to be in the house. I turned the house upside and shook it—No key to be seen. At about 10:30 I knew I had to get to the grocery store and then over to feed Mom lunch, so I found the spare key.

    All the way to the grocery store, I was wracking my brain, trying to come up with an explanation as to the whereabouts of that key. This went on in the grocery lanes—folk probably thought I was crazy because I’m sure I was mumbling to myself.

    About half-way home, the light bulb came on. I’d stuffed lots of bags into a bag that was on the chair where my purse had been dropped when I entered the house on Thursday. Well I always just drop my key in the purse—knew it was not there since I’d dumped it a couple of times. But I reasoned that the bag was the only place that key could be, so it was up the hill, find the bags, take them to the guest bed (only clear space in the house) and dump it. Sure enough out fell the key.

  I never loose keys. Jimmie has lost her car keys several times, once permanently. She has always said, “Don’t laugh, one day it’s going to happen to you.” Well, she was right, it did, and it was frustrating. However, I did find mine.

  I was so late that lunch was a bowl of vegetable soup and some hot cornbread. Luckily I’d made a big pot Friday night.

  I made up for it at Sunday lunch. Larson’s had new Vardaman sweet potatoes and so it was sweet potato casserole. My favorite thing with this is chicken and dressing, so I put in the time it takes to make this entree, and it was worth it. Sent Jimmie home with cabbage for cole slaw and I made orange salad at my house. We always have peas or butterbeans—this week was peas. There was no dessert—I was just to tired after all the dish washing and cooking.

  At the table Sunday, Carolyn and Misty entertained with school stories. Carolyn is a cafeteria employee at Pope. She says that the answer she got from one of the students about what kind of milk they wanted was, “vanilla.”

    I type the cafeteria menus each week for the Water Valley School District and have always wondered about the term “milk varieties” that is listed. Now I know it’s chocolate or vanilla. Kids say the cutest things.

  Misty, a sixth grade math teacher, had her students demonstrating graphs. To do this they were to create a competing company for a brand company and give the comparison in graph form. This had to be done with proper verbal explanation and documentation.

  With all the germ hype at the present, one student introduced his Gheto Germtrol in competition with GermX. Misty says he had worked out the ingredients, using the given amounts from the commercial product. All his ingredients in his mock company exceeded his competition, with one coming in at 100%, because the competitors was 99.9. Wish I could remember the entire commentary—it was hilarious.

  Another of the students brought in a fork. Misty says he punched his arm several time, making red marks. His premise was that this could be harmful to children and his product was much better. Misty says that he unveiled one of his mother’s forks with modifications. He’d taken his father’s Dremel tool and rounded off the tines. He then poked his arm with the rounded utensil, leaving no marks. She says she then asked, “Does you mother know that you have ruined one of her forks?” She says he grinned and says, “She probably does now!”

  She related several more of these student’s brain storms and they were amazing. It’s great to know that we still have some creative youngsters who are willing to put in the hours it takes to get good grades.


 Sunday morning I was in the first to third grade children’s church. These young people were so attentive and cooperative. I’d not worked with children for several years now and it was a joy to be with them. We made friendship bracelets. The design in the book was so complicated that Jimmie and I could not figure it out—neither of us are very crafty. So we went to the craft department, found a kit that we thought we might master, and I used it. Asked our Children’s Church Director Nathan Keel if I was getting demerits for taking short cuts. He says, “Do what you’ve got to do.” I taught the lesson and Nathan directed the bracelet making—think he liked my shortcut.

  The trip to Mom’s after church started off O.K. Didn’t run into rain until about half way there. However, very suddenly I was in a downpour. It was raining so hard I couldn’t see and the water on the road was like a river. The ditches, when I could see them, looked like waterfalls. I’d decided to stop in the Chapel Hill Church Parking Lot. However, right before I got there the rain almost stopped, so I decided to travel on, even though the road was still under water. About a mile down the road the rain came again, even harder than before. Made it to the Volunteer Fire Department’s parking lot and pulled off. Stayed there for about ten minutes, with the rain falling so hard that I could not see out the windows. Arriving at Mom’s driveway I had to ford the creeks, drive around washouts that needed bridges and some washouts I just had to cross. The van drug–it really was bad. When the rain stopped Bo went down and read his gauge—found that we’d received over three inches.

  Left Mom’s in sunshine about 4:30, but again ran into heavy rain before I got home.

  I don’t ever remember such heavy rains in September and certainly not for such an extended period of time. I’m ready for several days of sunshine.


  Was sorry that I did not get to attend the Art Crawl Friday night. They really did not want me there though, with all my coughing. Lucia Holloway came by a little while ago and reported that it was delightful.

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