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Drawing Will Be Held For Springdale Hunt

Enid Lake is now accepting applications for the Special Deer Hunt at the  Springdale Wildlife Management Area.  Applications for the hunt may be obtained from the Enid Lake Field Office or from public service announcements published in area newspapers.  All applications must be returned to the Enid Lake Field Office and received no later than 9:00 a.m., October 19.  

This year’s hunt will be divided into four sessions with each session restricted to a maximum of 40 hunters.  A public drawing will be held at Enid Lake Field Office at 10:00 a.m. on October 19, to determine who will be eligible to hunt in the first three sessions.  Participants in the first three sessions may harvest one doe deer.  The successful hunters from the first three sessions will be eligible to enter the fourth session.  

If more than 40 hunters are successful in harvesting a doe during the first three sessions, there will be a random drawing for the 40 participants allowed to hunt in the fourth session.          

Hunters in the fourth session will be allowed to harvest  one legal buck deer as defined by Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks as having either a minimum inside spread of 10 inches or a minimum main beam length of 13 inches.  

The first session will be for young hunters, 10-15 years of age, and will consist of three days, (October 23-25, 2009).  An adult at least 21 years of age must accompany these young hunters.  The second session will be 7 days, (October 26 – November 1, 2009) and will be for adult hunters, age 16 and up.

The third session will be 7 days, (November 2 – 8, 2009) and will also be for hunters age 16 and up.  

The fourth session will begin November 13 and continue through November 19, 2009.  The Resource Manager of Enid Lake, Billy J. Samuels, or his designated representative will issue all permits.  In addition to state laws, participants will also be required to comply with special regulations for the Springdale Wildlife Management area.  For more information contact a Park Ranger at the Enid Lake Field Office at 662-563-4571.

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