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Reedy Acres Offers House For Sale

Foundation Manager Dee Young oversees work being done by Gerald Redwine and Richard Hanks on this house on Market Street near the high school. The home will be sold to raise funds for the Reedy Acres Foundation, a non-profit faith ministry. – Photo by Jack Gurner

  It’s not often you get a chance to buy a home and do a good deed for the community at the same time. But that opportunity is now available in Yalobusha County.

  Reedy Acres Foundation has a house for sale. It’s a big home in a great neighborhood, and proceeds from the sale will go directly into helping local people in need.

  The house has four bedrooms, two baths, a living room, large den, kitchen, laundry room and bonus room, and a double garage. The backyard is large and there is basement access form upstairs. “We are doing lots of work on the house,” says Foundation Manager Dee Young. “We need to sell it. It is in an excellent location, right in front of the high school.

  Reedy Acres Foundation is a non-profit faith ministry that has been serving the people of north Mississippi for 20 years. It began with a group of people from Water Valley who care about children—especially children who do not have proper food, clothing, shelter and education. These people looked for a way to honor God by serving these children. Through His grace, the Reedy Acres Foundation was born.

  For more than two decades, the program has helped feed, clothe and educate many of our area’s most needy children. The Foundation is funded by contributions from different sources (individuals and businesses?). Some of the children served have grown up, become established in life, and made their own contributions. Other money comes through individuals moved to donate. All monies received are considered to be the blessings of God to enable the Foundation to continue to work.

  Foundation members report that only through prayer and dedication to God have they been able to continue to give back to Him through this ministry. “The only request we have from the ones this fund helps is that they praise and thank God,” added Young.

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