Fans Of Fast Pitch Extend Thanks To Community For Supporting Field

Staff Report

    After an extremely successful fundraiser earlier this month, the softball booster club, Fans of Fast Pitch, have reached the halfway mark in their efforts to raise $17,000 needed to complete construction on their new high school softball field.

    Booster Club President Andi Epes reported that $17,000 is needed to complete the field, a task the club hopes to complete in time for this year’s season, which kicks off in February.

    “We have $8,800 after the fundraiser,” Epes noted.

    Of the money needed, the bulk of it will go toward an estimated $13,000 needed to purchase and install lights for the field.

    In a program called, “Adopt a Light,” booster club members would like to challenge anyone in the community to donate $2,500 per light to help complete the field. The field will have six light fixtures, and club members hope that one or more of the lights could be paid for with an  “Adopt A Light.”

    In addition to the lights, the field also needs restrooms, concession stands and seating, but these are projects that will not restrict the use of the field when the season starts.

“We can improvise with restrooms and a concession stand, but we must have the lights to play on the field this season,” Epes reported.

Work has been underway on the field, which is not funded by the school district, for several years and the booster club remains optimistic the field will be useable by February.    

    “This field will help our program,” Epes said. In past seasons, the team had used a field at Crawford Sports Complex.

    “There was absolutely nothing wrong with the field, but it was too large,” Epes said, explaining this was a men’s softball field.

    “This was not regulation size for our high school girls’ team,” Epes added.

    “We would like to thank city officials and the sports complex for allowing us to use the field in past seasons,” Epes continued.

    “The community has been very supportive of this project and we appreciate it,” Epes concluded.

    Tax exempt donations can be mailed to Michelle Washington: 6753, County Road 436, Water Valley. Contact Washington at 473-3597 for more information.

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