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Volunteers Saluted For Their Contributions

By Mickey Howley

This Thursday, Oct. 15, at 7 pm is the Water Valley Main Street Association’s Open House and General Meeting. As Main Street is a public-private partnership non-profit volunteer organization, practically all the work we do depends on the good will and hard work of local volunteers.

Our volunteers come from a broad spectrum of the community, ranging from retirees to just out of school twenty-somethings; all know that a solid downtown means a better town overall. Many Main Street volunteers put in some long hours on a variety of projects.  Some donate their professional skills: accounting, graphic design, painting, computer programming, and more. Others donate their time to specific projects and events that often require doing a whole spectrum of tasks and activities just to get the job done.

So on Oct. 15, Main Street will gladly thank some of those volunteers who in the last year really exemplified community spirit and selfless volunteerism. If you are a Main Street member, be sure and come join us. If you are not yet a member but are interested in what Main Street does please come by, too. Our office is at 207 North Main.

I often wonder what motivates people to volunteer.There are just about 100 individual members in Water Valley’s Main Street Association and many of them give plenty of their time.  Board members and committee chairs average 10 hours a month in donated time: that’s three working weeks of time in a year, per person. That’s a whole bunch of time to invest with the only compensation being the satisfaction of knowing you are helping the community.  

If you add the entire donated time all volunteers give to the community per year, it gets pretty quickly up into the thousands of hours. That is just for the Main Street Association alone. There are many groups in town who do volunteer based public service. Water Valley can count itself lucky that we have so many folks working to make our town a better place to live.

Another group with many hard working volunteers is Water Valley’s Junior Auxiliary. The JA is having a “Bike Drive” this month and wants to collect bicycles for kids this coming Christmas. If you have a bike you are not using and think it is still a fixable or rolling set of wheels, bring it to Valley Tool at 101 Industrial Park Rd., Monday thru Friday between 9 am and 3 pm. If you have any questions, call 473-3394.

One of our next projects at Water Valley Main Street Association is to give our town a face lift. We call it the Downtown Facade Grant program. I’ll be back with more details next week in this column and in this paper.

Last week’s survey had the Studio Crawl as the most popular Main Street event this year. I may be a bit biased on this one, but I have to agree it was fun.

See for the reason why you do or might volunteer your time.

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